This Just In: Countdown to April 26, 2019

It’s the final countdown, Taylor Nation.

It might be just TS7 or perhaps she’s going to do another magazine article but Taylor definitely wants to make a big deal about something she’s up to on April 26. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy and a bunch of ninjas who should stop jumping around and sit the heck down, we’re cautiously optimistic. The Blonde With The Guitar That Started Sparkly, Then Went Green And Is Now Of An Undetermined Colour, changed the look of all her social media with pastel pinks and light blues, hinting at something sparkly. She also put up a freaking countdown for something ominous. Our money is on a unicorn.


I can appreciate a good build up and you might know we have a weakness for countdowns in this site as well, but other than signing up to get updates we can’t really take any action at all. Except… I would recommend you start reigning in your expenses. Save up. Whatever it’s coming chances are it will require some expenses to participate.

Finally, we have something to put in the Calendar! It’s been a while.

  • April 26: ?????????????

(Sources:, Taylor Swift via everything)

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