It’s June 13. Stuff is coming up. Soon. Ish.

Hope life is treating you well, fellow fandomites.

Just for the record, I know fandomite is not a word. I made it up, it’s mine. I just know that “Taylor Nation” sounds more and more like I’m writing for T’s management. I am not. This blog has always been written for Taylor fans in mind, trying to give them a little more thoughtful content than the usual celebrity gossip mag. Anyhow, the Sparkly Dressed announced yesterday that she’s going live today to announce some stuff. Yours truly was asleep as a rock, hence you’re getting this now.

Perhaps I am getting old-er, but it took me a moment to recognize her. With that look, someone will think she’s filming a music video or something (hint: in case this is the first time you’re here, I am saying this semi-casually but I’m also making a guess). It might be she’s just on a photoshoot. So, it could be the album or she’s going to announce her all new vegan cookbook. Sorry Sparkly Dressed, the look is a bit infomercial-ish.

Also, I might have lost all my inside information after the unpopular opinions posts became so… popular. TaylorNation (I’m going to write it like that to differentiate from the fandom, although I’m going to stick with “fandomites” as my word for you for a bit) has probably banned me from communication.

I’m taking bets that she says the album is coming up “soon”. And then a bunch of us will suggest that she looks up soon in the dictionary. Can we get the name already? Lover? Pink Unicorn? Dress Turns Into Cascade? Heart Is A Door? This Is Exhausting?

Nothing for the Calendar yet. Let’s hope for some news.

(Sources: Taylor Swift on all social media)

3 thoughts on “It’s June 13. Stuff is coming up. Soon. Ish.

  1. The album name might be “Awesome”.
    It’s mentioned twice in Me! …. just my guess 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  2. My guess is the album title is “Awesome”. It’s mentioned twice in the Me! Video.
    Just my guess 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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