You Need To Calm Down: video & commentary.

You’re not being loud enough, fellow fandomites.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s tired of rolling his eyes every time, we don’t mind a constructive criticism of Taylor Swift’s craft. We do mind articles that attack her imagined ulterior motives, though. We will address that in a minute. The latest single, “You Need To Calm Down” has a good message lyrically but musically it feels a bit generic. It’s a step above ME! at least. Regardless of what we think about the tune, it gains a different dimension once it reaches video form. Taylor named-dropped a few famous friends that would make an appearance. Video, please…

The video itself is loud and colourful. It doesn’t have a story, but I think it’s all worth due to the message. Yes, acceptance is something that it’s still needed –¬†still needed – in the world today.¬† We’ve put way too much importance in defined roles, in stereotypes and dare I say it, family values. Not that you should not value your family, I’m just saying our collective concept of families needs to expand. Other than that, it’s a fun video with lots of cameos and a not-to-be-missed scene where Taylor Swift and Katy Perry go together like burger and fries.

I will say this though, I’d rather she skipped including the protesters. I know, they show up at every concert but I’d rather not see them represented in there. Perhaps that needed to be addressed, perhaps it could’ve been left out.

Now, there’s an article that talks about how her new single is an example of someone being a bad ally to LGBTQ+ rights. In the article from Slate,¬†Taylor Swift’s New Single Is A Teachable Moment About How Not To Be An Ally, author Christina Cauterucci compares the new tune to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” which became an LGBTQ+ anthem. Yes, that’s a great song with a very positive message, I just don’t think the comparison is warranted. The songs are nothing alike, nor are the artists. There is room for both. There is¬†need for both.

Taylor put a message on the song, a message she stands behind and while it’s true there was a time she did not voice her support she has decided to speak now. You can criticize the song if you don’t like it, but I don’t understand going the extra length to criticize the person by imagining ulterior motives. By the article’s own admission, Taylor has donated to LGBTQ+ causes herself. Is she really hurting the cause by supporting it? Taylor may not be perfect but I don’t think you can¬†afford to dismiss allies because they are flawed.¬†People are flawed.¬†When something is true and fair but contested by the powers that be you cannot turn away all the help you can get.

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  • August 23: Taylor Swift releases her seventh studio album,¬†Lover.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via You Tube and Instagram. Featured image from Taylor Swift via Twitter)