This Just In: Lover, the track, drops. And why it’s my jam.

Faith in a possible future restored, my fellow fandomites.

Ok, I knew it was going to be something different and there was a chance I’d like it. I didn’t expect to LOVE it, not THIS much! “Lover” from the album of the same name, is a ballroom dream of a song. It’s that song at an event that plays when only the hardcore crowd is still swaying it out on the floor. Yes, I know you’re already playlist-ing it into your wedding party. More important than that, if the album is MORE this I’m going to be more than happy. This is a new hope.

I didn’t think Taylor had something that could bring the feels, the nostalgia and the lazy late night afterparty as much as “New Year’s Day” and then she spins this gem. More of this, louder, greater! Wedding bands are going to need the sheet music pronto. Lover, you’re my, my, my favourite track so far.

And just when I thought I was out… I get happily pulled back in.

Lover is out now everywhere.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • August 16: The track “Lover” drops!
  • August 22: Taylor Swift performs at the GMA concert in Central Park. Airs live on GMA between 7am and 9
  • August 22: YouTube Live event! Lover, the music video, premieres right after.
  • August 23: Taylor Swift releases her seventh studio album, Lover.
  • August 23: SiriusXM will air Townhall with Taylor Swift where she will perform stripped-versions of her songs and do some Q&A with some selected subscribers.
  • August 26: 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on MTV. You can vote for Taylor Swift daily up to 10 times per category.
  • September 9: Taylor Swift’s exclusive concert “City of Lover” happens in Paris, France.

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2 thoughts on “This Just In: Lover, the track, drops. And why it’s my jam.

  1. This is super awesome! I really am a HUGE fan of Taylor and this is perfect!
    Btw, Lover is my favorite song yet of her album!!

  2. I agree! It’s the kind of song that I’ve been waiting for for so long! The feeling has been worth the wait! We never gave up, and never will! The eras may change, but the wonderful essence of the person stays the same! I’ve missed you!!!

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