It’s the VMA’s again. What you need to know (and a few things you don’t).

I think she knows… you love the Lover album 🙂

Here at the good ole Swift Agency, we’re suddenly back in full gear as the Lover era, which was already hinted, easter-egged and speculated went into full gear last week with highly positive criticism all around. Taylor’s 7th album and the first one she owns completely has great reviews (including one shining review from yours truly wink wink nudge nudge). Sorry if I sound giddy, it’s just I am so glad people are liking it.

The Mother of Fighting Dragons With You will be performing live and, as she herself confirmed in Good Morning America, she will be the opening number. I’m all in for anything except another performance of “ME!”. Although the most obvious choice is “You Need To Calm Down”, a poignant performance of “Lover” would be a wiser choice.

Update! Taylor Swift has confirmed she’s performing two songs, one of which she has never performed before. So, yeah… Better tune in 😉

The show will air live from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey starting at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on Monday, August 26. The show will be tape-delayed for 8pm PT for the Pacific coast (not my fault).

She has 10 nominations for tonight, ranging from top billing to technical ones.

  • Video of the Year for “You Need To Calm Down”.
  • Song of the Year for “You Need To Calm Down”.
  • Best Collaboration to Taylor Swift ft Brendon Urie for “ME!”.
  • Best Pop Video for “You Need To Calm Down”.
  • Best Video for Good for “You Need To Calm Down”.
  • Best Direction for “You Need To Calm Down” (directed by Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift)
  • Best Visual Effects for “ME!” (Visual Effects by Loris Paillier & Lucas Salton for BUF VFX)
  • Best Editing for “You Need to Calm Down” (Editing by Jarrett Fijal)
  • Best Art Direction for “You Need to Calm Down” (Art Direction by Brittany Porter)
  • Best Cinematography for “ME!” (Cinematography by Starr Whitesides)

Taylor doesn’t really need a VMA accolade but the VMAs could certainly use Taylor. Nevertheless, the Sparkly Dressed is doing the rounds to promote her album so her attending does bring some exposure. Giving her an award (most probably she will get one and they’ll announce what else she has won) will allow her a chance for a speech so here’s hoping that MTV does the right thing. Since a lot of them are technical, chances are they will be given out early (like on the red carpet).

Lover is out now. Available everywhere.

Of course not everybody likes it, but hey whatcha gonna do. Those people can go [fly a kite], [bake a cake] and [color rainbows] all day long. [Note from the censor: I quit] [Note from the Ninja Department: Did someone say cake?]

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