People’s Choice Awards: Taylor Swift’s 2019 nominations

If the story is over, why am I still writing pages?

(Source: E! People’s Choice Awards)

For the people that can’t stand the Sparkly Dressed, the fact that her supposedly five minutes of fame have turned into ten years – and counting – must be one of life’s biggest mysteries. Nope, she’s not cancelled yet, sorry but not sorry. The Blonde With The Guitar That Is Now Pink And Will Be A Rainbow Any Day Now (I’m calling it right now, before this era is over, she will show up with a rainbow guitar!) has received four shining new awards nominations for the 2019 People’s Choice Awards:

The links will take you to the relevant category or you can use the main page to traverse through all of them. You can vote 25 times a day. The awards ceremony takes place Sunday, November 10.

On other news, Taylor will be going back to Saturday Night Live as the musical guest. I kinda want her to pull the host + musical guest duty again but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. That show airs live on October 5. I think it will be a Saturday.

Meanwhile, Forbes has done some numbers. Lover has moved more copies than all the rest of the titles in the top 10. Combined. Times two. Yeah, take all the copies from the other nine, add them together and multiply the result times two. She outsold that number. She’s not going anywhere. Haters gonna hate… specially this era.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • September 9: Taylor Swift’s exclusive concert “City of Lover” happens in Paris, France.
  • October 5: Taylor Swift is the musical host on Saturday Night Live. Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be hosting.
  • November 10: E! People’s Choice Awards. Taylor Swift is nominated for four awards.

(Sources: E! People’s Choice Awards, Forbes. Featured Image: MTV VMAs)