Taylor on SNL: The Lover and False God performances (now watchable worldwide!)

She came to slay, Nation of Swifties.

Live from New York and into your heart, the Sparkly Dressed made her fifth appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live as the musical guest. Actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hosting. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who had to plan in a couple of naps to be awake, we’re still following along as she re-takes over the world with every album. I have to say, I love what she’s doing in this era. It’s less thunder and lightning and more subtle, moving and captivating every time she takes the stage.

First up, she appeared on stage with a green backdrop and static musical pages frozen in the act of falling. It was just her and a glowing green piano for an acoustic rendition of “Lover” that was just low-key subtle yet powerful. Unfortunately, both clips have NBC’s infamous region lockUpdate! Taylor comes through and posts both performances sans region lock on her own channel.

The Mother of Slaying Dragons With You had one more performance where she had hinted she would play a song she’s never played live before. Along with two of her Starlight backup singers Melanie and Jeslyn, piano man David Cook and Matt Billingslea on drums (confirmed!), she took the stage which was decorated with Edison bulbs. The performance was a rendition of the jazzy “False God” track, for which she enlisted the help of SNL band member and saxophone player Lenny Pickett.

“False God” is a very subtle and jazzy song with some R&B touches. The small space and closed quarters with the audience worked to its advantage and it was the best choice for this kind of venue. I don’t rate this song very high in terms of the album track list, but as a standalone it does have a laid back feel that can be appealing given the right mood. That being said, it lacks the hook and the bite to be played in a car trip or performed in a large concert venue, which is the reason I don’t rank it very high. Definitely would work its best on a jazzy bar, a lounge setting or when you’re playing Saturday Night Live.

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(Sources: Saturday Night Live / Taylor Swift. Featured Image: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)