Weekly News Update: The Sparkly Dressed visits Japan and China!

There’s only one of her, Swiftie Nation.

It’s time for our favourite game, Where in the World is Taylor Swift? The Sparkly Dressed visited Tokyo, Japan for a promotion event on November 6 and then travelled to Shanghai, China for a performance on November 10. She has a meet and greet event on November 11. Although fair use exists in US copyright law, the situation changes overseas. Japan, for example, has no fair use so I can’t put anything up from there. China, on the other hand, is still beginning to examine copyright law so I’m not sure? For the moment I resort to the Nation of Taylor.

The Blonde With The Guitar of Indeterminate Colour, performed at the Alibaba Global Shopping Festival Countdown Gala in Shanghai, China, and the YOUKU network has been kind enough to share it on YouTube. I’m pretty sure T-Swizzle had something to do with it. Go video!

Taylor performed “ME!”, “Lover” and “You Need To Calm Down” which seems to had some people nervous because of its pro-LGBTQ+ message. Everything is still fine.

The Mother of Fighting Dragons With You will be awarded the Artist of the Decade award at the 2019 American Music Awards on November 24. She will also be performing a medley of her greatest hits.

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(Sources: Taylor Swift via Instagram. YOUKU via YouTube. Featured Image: Taylor Swift via Instagram)