The Man: Live from Paris, circa 2019

She’s the boss, Taylor Nation.

The Blonde With The Guitar Who Can Be Any Colour It Wants To Be wrote “The Man” , a song that curiously does not contain any man at all. Of course this is on purpose, this song is meant to address the common practice of using The Man as a superlative for someone on top of their game. It also reveals the very outdated belief that only a male can reach such a status. Nowadays if you’re a woman at the top of the music game, I’d say you would be Taylor Swift. Here’s the boss herself from Paris back in 2019.

This performance is made more powerful by Taylor stripping the song to its core to just her and her guitar. No band, no track, no dancers, one spotlight. You cannot deny it’s all her and nobody else giving this song its power and edge. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s out of breath just trying to keep up with our Fearless Leader, I can tell you nobody can keep up.

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  • March 29: The iHeartRadio Music Awards 2020 premieres from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA on FOX at 8/7c pm. Taylor has six nominations: Female Artist of the Year, Best Lyrics, Best Cover Song, Best Music Video, Best Fan Army and Best Remix.

(Sources: Taylor Swift. Featured Image: David Hogan for Getty Entertainment)