Tour Talk: JamFest 2020 has been cancelled.

We’ll be safe and sound, Taylor Nation.

As you’ve probably heard, the rise of the CODVID-19 influenza virus means all large congregations of people in one place are at risk. Therefore, there are events that were announced that are now being re-evaluated. This is going to affect concerts and ceremonies taking place in a short term, which means rescheduling or most possibly, cancelling altogether. In the long term, we’re all hoping for the best but we’re literally not out of the woods yet.

No way to be cute about this, Capital One’s Jamfest 2020 is out.

The 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards is no longer taking place at the Shrine Auditorium. This event might end up getting cancelled as well.

Stay safe and try to keep all your outings to a minimum for the time being. Hopefully we can ride this out soon.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • March 29: The iHeartRadio Music Awards 2020 premieres from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA on FOX at 8/7c pm. Taylor has six nominations: Female Artist of the Year, Best Lyrics, Best Cover Song, Best Music Video, Best Fan Army and Best Remix.
  • April 5: Capital One Jamfest. Cancelled.

(Sources: Capital One, iHeartRadio. Featured Image: Taylor Swift via Facebook)