Hardly News Weekly: The full phone call conversation leaks. Yes, that one.

Do we really have to revisit this again, Swifties?

Here at the Swift Agency, a guy that knows that those 12 clips in Snapchat from 2016 could have been rearranged and with parts edited out, we’ve had to go and revisit the old phone recording again, now leaked complete. And yeah, Buzzfeed basically spelled it out for those who don’t get it. In the infamous recorded call with that rapper whose-name-I-forget, Taylor never heard the word ‘bitch’ in the song and she was uncomfortable with the allusion that she was made famous by the event. You can hear her discomfort when she talks about having sold 7 million albums of Fearless at that point in time.

Variety has put out a full transcript. I find myself agreeing with Chris Willman here. The fans of both camps will not get swayed of their opinion if they already have one. They will pick and choose the extract that most enforces their theory. However, we never hear the full lyrics and Taylor is displeased about allusions to being “made famous”.

It’s hard not apply some bias here. As the call rambles on (especially on his part) you can hear how each participant is trying to get something out of it. The rapper, wants to get Taylor to promote him to her followers. Taylor wants to stay in good terms and is still trying to please him but my Swift-sense tells me that her ultimate goal is to get off this crazy phone call.

On other news, be aware there are events being cancelled. We’re keeping the crossed-out entries in the calendar for the time being for those of you who want to look them up as well as the official announcement as long as we have a link to it. Stay safe out there and stay in.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • March 29: The iHeartRadio Music Awards 2020 premieres from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA on FOX at 8/7c pm. Taylor has six nominations: Female Artist of the Year, Best Lyrics, Best Cover Song, Best Music Video, Best Fan Army and Best Remix. Postponed.
  • April 5: Capital One Jamfest. Cancelled.

(Sources: Buzzfeed, Variety. Featured Image: Taylor Swift via Facebook)