This Just In: Liz Huett takes you Far Away from Here

Thanks for some new music, Liz!

Yes, the beautiful and talented singer/songwriter Liz Huett has released a new single titled “Far Away from here” on Spotify. Honestly, I’m living it. The song feels like sweet honey to cleanse and soothe an aching soul. Gentle strings and a subtle echo with an ethereal chorus background make it feel rather comforting. My only possible low is that I want it to last longer. I want an orchestra version with an army of violins.

On other news, the world is not out of the woods yet. I know it sucks, but we gotta stay home and try only to go out for essentials like groceries, medicine or exercise. Keep those walks brief, to the point and always maintain distance from those nearby. We’ll be safe and sound as long as we keep our social distance for the time being. Stay safe.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • April 5: Capital One Jamfest. Cancelled.
  • April 16: Taylor Swift will receive the Vanguard Award at the 31st Annual GLAAD Awards taking place in Los Angeles, CA. Postponed.

(Sources: Liz Huett via Twitter, Spotify. Featured Image: Liz Huett)