Taylor Swift will perform at One World: Together At Home broadcast

Ça va bien aller, Nation of Swifties.

“It will be alright” is something we all need to hear these days. Another thing is knowing we’re not alone although we can’t really leave our homes as of late. Fortunately, we’re going to see the Sparkly Dressed this weekend as she joins Global Citizen’s global broadcast & digital special to support frontline healthcare workers and the WHO called One World: Together At Home. The event will air at 8pm Eastern Time on all major US networks as well as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter – basically everywhere online.

On other news, I’ve decided to avoid posting cancelled events when I announce what’s coming in the snippet below. They will still be in the main Calendar page with the cancellation link. I just think you’d rather only see actual events here. I know I would. Make sure you only go out for essentials and try to keep your spirits up.

Coming up in the Calendar:

(Sources: Global Citizen. Featured Image: Taylor Swift)

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