Weekly News Update: Big Machine, Kids Choice and commentary

Not a lot going on at the moment, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s sure there were three cupcakes left in the kitchen and now the guys from the Ninja Department won’t look at him in the eye, we’re still here and we’re still writing. There’s only a few news from The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar Which Hasn’t Left Its Guitar Case This Year, but I also have some commentary, and a little bit of unpopular opinions to share. Let’s get to it.

The bitter is up first. Big Machine Records is releasing a live album of Taylor Swift’s performance from 2008. The album, Taylor Swift – Live from Clear Channel 2008, is unapproved by the songwriter and performer, Taylor herself. Some will say, they’re legally allowed to do it. Some will say, it’s unfair that Taylor doesn’t get to stop it. Both might be right.

I remember Big Machine Records as a friendly label. I remember going to Nashville and to CMA Fest and always visiting their stand. They were always nice to me and some of them had even read some of my blog entries. I have also met a lot of 13 Management people. They have been nice to me as well. That also includes Taylor Swift herself, who I met the last night of the Red Tour and who remembered me from a google hangout back during the initial promotion for Red.

Yes, both former label and singer are now at ends with each other. I still support Taylor Swift. I still will back her up. That doesn’t require me to foster any ill feelings towards her label myself. I still have good memories of the people of Big Machine Records, and there’s a lot of artists there that remain friends with Taylor. I believe that if you are fan of artist and that artists is involved in a dispute, you need to take personal offense in whoever the other side is. Yes, I still support Taylor and I am on her side. I don’t believe that implies throwing insults to the other camp though. This might be naive on my part, but I’d rather remember the good times. It’s not like this is any business of mine anyways.

You can make up your own mind and have your own opinion, of course. I have been a part of the court of public opinions in the past. I am not innocent of using my personal criteria to form an opinion of a public figure. I think it changes when you’ve met the people involved and shared a few words.

On other news, Taylor Swift won for Favorite Global Music Star at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards 2020. I have said in the past that I’m not strongly invested in these awards but they do speak about Taylor’s enduring appeal and relevance. A win is a win.

On other unpopular opinions, perhaps one day I’ll tell you why I’m not the biggest fan of Ellen. Perhaps.

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(Sources: Taylor Swift, Big Machine Records, Nickelodeon. Featured Image: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

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  1. Greetings

    My thoughts on the Taylor/Scooter matter are pretty simple.
    When in Doubt I side with the writer.
    Scooter Braun/Scott Borchetta did not write ONE Note of that Music!!
    Taylor Swift should have final say on what she has created!!

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