Weekly News Update: Black Lives Matter, a Taylor Swift thread.

Yes, we’re late, fandomites. We all are.

We’re still a Taylor Swift blog in case you’re checking. I’m just trying to use whatever small platform I have to do something that hopefully will have an impact, no matter how small it is. To reiterate what I said last time, mine is not a political blog. Stating that Black Lives Matter is not a political stance, nor should it be. It is just normal human decency.

Taylor Swift has stepped up the rhetoric and is not letting go of the topic easily. I am glad she is following her words with actions that have included backing up financially a lot of causes, both for individuals and communities. She is also voicing her opinion through her social media.

Black Lives Matter aims to get rid of the systemic racism in the justice system in all its branches – especially in law enforcement. This systemic racism enables police to racially profile the people they are supposed to serve without consequence. All black people have stories about been harassed by police officers. Whenever someone tries to change the topic (“But what about this other thing…”) either consciously or not, they reveal their privilege. The only way that black lives don’t matter as much to someone is because they don’t have to worry about it. If you don’t see the problem, that is a privilege you have. For others, being constantly the target of police abuse is the harsh everyday reality.

It’s fair to say it is very uncomfortable to hear that police officers, who we pay to keep us safe, can abuse their power and racially discriminate by harassing and physically hurting black people. It is even more uncomfortable that when they do, they are shielded by the silence of their colleagues.

Taylor also started pushing for the removal of statues of problematic individuals with a history of racial intolerance.

It’s quite a thread, and regardless of what you think of the Blonde With A Sparkly Guitar, you can’t deny her platform grants her a lot of influence. If you are getting tired of hearing this subject, imagine how tired are African Americans of having to remind everyone to respect their lives.

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  • We learn to be decent people to each other. I know, wishful thinking. One can dream.

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