This Just In: Cornelia Street, Live from Paris

Hope y’all are keeping your spirits up, Swifties 🙂

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s still keeping his distance, staying home and only going out for walks in his neighborhood, we don’t have a lot going on at present. But since the Sparkly Dressed released a video of her performing “Cornelia Street” which is a fan favorite song of Lover, I think this is as a good time as any to actually put a post that has some music in it.

On other news, the ninjas keep eating the ice cream. At least I know the frozen veggies are safe. Montreal is going through a heatwave so I’m making sure I stay cool and drink lots of water. Hopefully it’s nice where you are.

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(Source: Taylor Swift via YouTube/VEVO. Featured image: Dave Hogan for Getty Images Entertainment)