Weekly News Update: Juneteenth, Disclosure and Taylor Swift.

Hope you’re doing well, fellow fandomites.

I hope you are doing well. It’s a turbulent time, but also a strangely inspiring time to be alive. Yes, there’s a pandemic out there but also there’s a giant civil rights movement making history as well. In case you have not noticed, the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar, Dress and Soul has been making giant strides to use her platform to impulse social change. With that goal in mind, she promoted the significance of Juneteenth using a video from digital magazine The Root.

The Mother of Fighting Dragons With You has also given the day of June 19 off to her employees in honor of Freedom Day and educate herself on the history of what brought people to this moment.

I can recommend 13th, a documentary by Ava DuVernay for a history lesson on the way that the system has been used to abuse, harass and incarcerate black people after slavery was abolished.

Taylor also did not forget to promote the new documentary Disclosure on Netflix, executively produced by Laverne Cox:

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(Sources: Taylor Swift, The Root, Netflix. Featured Image: Netflix)