Weekly News Update: Taylor Swift speaks at Stonewall Day

People need to calm down, Swifties.

But on some other issues, people need to get too loud and make noise when they see injustice going on. Taylor lend her time and support to the message compendium for the rights of LGTBQ at Pride Live’s Stonewall Day celebration on June 26. Alongside the voices of former president Barack Obama, Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres and more, and with the performances of Kesha and Hayley Kiyoko, the Sparkly Dressed kept it brief and simple: she wants the census to include options for transgender and non-binary citizens.

The Blonde With The Guitar That Can Be Sparkly On Any Moment’s Notice, was not scheduled to perform. You can watch the full event with all messages and performances below.

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(Source: @REALPRIDELIVE. Featured image: Kevin Mazur for Getty Entertainment)

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