Weekly News Update: Taylor Swift wins for Best Director for “The Man” at the VMAs 2020

We’ve seen this film before, fellow Swifties.

Taylor Swift won one of her five nominations for the MTV VMA 2020. It was for Best Director for “The Man” which considering all things, it’s rather empowering. Even more when it turns out she also accomplished two other milestones: She’s the first solo female artist in history to win the award for Best Director and she becomes one of the most awarded artists of the MTV VMAs with 11 awards to her name.

Here at the Swift Agency, we hope you can see the clip of her acceptance above. In case you can’t, you can also watch directly on MTV’s Twitter account. Because I’m a mirrorball… Sorry, couldn’t resist. Hope y’all are staying safe.

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(Sources: MTV VMAs. Featured image: Taylor Swift, MTV VMAs)