Weekly News Update: McCartney & Swift: A songwriter dynamic. Masters update.

The street looks like it just rained, Taylor Nation.

Taylor being the cover and featured story on Rolling Stone is always an event. These are the kind of articles that other magazines (and blogs such as yours truly) end up quoting endlessly. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s hoping the world is fully healed by this time next year, at least we promise not to recycle it into a “new” article three months down the road. To make it even cooler, this is part of an article series called Musicians on Musicians where T. Swizzle converses with none other than Sir Paul McCartney.

The best part of this conversation is that both songwriters have an easy dynamic that naturally moves into talking about making music. Both of them put out albums during the pandemic era (Worst. Era. Ever), McCartney III and folklore. (Note: If you have to ask me which one wrote which, I will have the Ninja Department eat everything inside your fridge)

I had originally thought, “Maybe I’ll make an album in the next year, and put it out in January or something,” but it ended up being done and we put it out in July. And I just thought there are no rules anymore, because I used to put all these parameters on myself, like, “How will this song sound in a stadium? How will this song sound on radio?” If you take away all the parameters, what do you make? And I guess the answer is Folklore.

– Taylor Swift, Musicians on Musicians by Patrick Doyle for Rolling Stone.

You can read up the entire conversation as captured by Patrick Doyle at RollingStone.com.

Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift are obviously very different people. One started as a musical idol for teenagers, became worldwide famous, won every award under the sun (a few of them several times) and also became an accomplished songwriter, social activist and all around defender of just causes. The other is Paul McCartney. (That was a joke. Chill)

On some bittersweet news, Taylor learned that her old masters were sold to Shamrock Holdings, a private equity firm. This would have been good news until she learn the deal still allowed Braun to profit. I support Taylor’s decision to NOT enter in any more contracts that benefit people that had NOTHING of value to add to her works. I also love the idea of giving a new life to her older catalog re-releasing it album by album. And yes, I’d buy them again. I will let Taylor have the word here.

And finally, I know I am a little late but I’ll always love Fearless. Can’t wait for Fearless 2.0.

Taylor won Soundtrack Song of 2020 for “Only the Young” from the Miss Americana documentary at the E! People’s Choice Awards on November 15.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • November 22: The American Music Awards. Taylor is nominated for Artist of the Year, Favorite Music Video for “Cardigan”, Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock and Favorite Album – Pop/Rock.

(Sources: Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift, E!. Featured image: Nancy McCartney for Rolling Stone)