News Update: Taylor wins the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Icon Award. A sneak peek at Love Story

You’ll find me on my tallest tiptoes, fandomites.

The Blonde With The Guitar Which Will Always Sparkle participated in the 2020 Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards and won the Icon Award. She was introduced by her good friend and artist in his own right, Todrick Hall. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s glad that the Enchantress appears on my screen, we’re just letting you know you can watch the full show here. The clip below is the Sparkly Dressed accepting her award.

Now, let’s pretend your Ryan Reynolds. You have a company called Maximum Effort that makes media content for your amusement and you’re working on an ad for where the Devil and the year of 2020 hook up. You want to use a romantic song in the background, so what should you use? Well, you call in a favor from Taylor Swift and convince her to offer up a sneak peek of “Love Story”. No, I am not drunk… Let’s just go to the video.

Anybody had THAT on their 2020 bingo card? Anybody noticed the scooter lying on the floor? Reynolds, you win everything. Yikes. You can also watch the video ad on YouTube. At least we know Fearless is definitely getting re-recorded. Can’t wait.

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  • December 13: Not a lot going on here either, right?

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