News Update: evermore is now released! The video for “willow” is out!

She comes back stronger than a 90’s trend, fandomites.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who is used to write names in friggin’ capitals, we’re still getting used to this all-lowercase trend. The 9th studio album is out and it’s called evermore. Rather than call it the end of the folklore era, I’d rather think of this time as the Princess in Red’s “A Walk in the Woods” era. On top of that, she also released a music video for the first single “willow” so let’s go to the video!

I’m definitely getting Americana aesthetics in Civil Wars style. Meanwhile, her album covers are giving me a Twin Peaks vibe. It’s all part of Taylor’s alternative rebirth but somehow it all fits inside the…. Okey, time to introduce you to my new favorite two words: swiftian lore (props to Billboard’s Glenn Rowley). And yes, I’m just itching to review this album so I have to stop now because I want to properly give it a few listens first.

Once more, the track list:

  • willow
  • champagne problems
  • gold rush
  • ’tis the damn season
  • tolerate it
  • no body, no crime (feat. Haim)
  • happiness
  • dorothea
  • coney island (feat. The National)
  • ivy
  • cowboy like me
  • long story short
  • marjorie
  • closure
  • evermore (feat. Bon Iver)

bonus tracks:

  • right where you left me
  • it’s time to go

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • December 11: Taylor Swift’s 9th album evermore is released.
  • December 13: Not a lot going on here either, right?

(Sources: Taylor Swift. Featured image: Photo by Beth Garrabrant for Taylor Swift)

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