Fearless (Taylor’s Version): The tracklist has been decrypted!

I’m going to call it the Hardcore Ninja Jedi Version, Taylor Nation.

Okey a million Swiftie points if you get that old school reference. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who knew he could just punch up all the names into an anagram decoder but decided to wait, we’re glad to report that the upcoming Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will have literally every song from the Fearless Era including a few you are not supposed to know. Now, I know some of you may have listened to unreleased songs, but which were in T’s mind for Fearless and how they sound after the studio treatment is something you’ll have to wait until the album release to find out.

The Fearless One did things old school by first releasing the names, as mixed-up anagrams, of the unreleased tracks (which she lovingly calls From The Vault). Eventually as everyone decoded the names, the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar confirmed the full tracklist:

  1. Fearless (Taylor’s Version)
  2. Fifteen (Taylor’s Version)
  3. Love Story (Taylor’s Version)
  4. Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Version)
  5. White Horse (Taylor’s Version)
  6. You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)
  7. Breathe (Taylor’s Version) (Featuring Colbie Caillat)
  8. Tell Me Why (Taylor’s Version)
  9. You’re Not Sorry (Taylor’s Version)
  10. The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version)
  11. Forever & Always (Taylor’s Version)
  12. The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)
  13. Change (Taylor’s Version)
  14. Jump Then Fall (Taylor’s Version)
  15. Untouchable (Taylor’s Version)
  16. Forever & Always (Piano Version) (Taylor’s Version)
  17. Come In With The Rain (Taylor’s Version)
  18. Superstar (Taylor’s Version)
  19. The Other Side Of The Door (Taylor’s Version)
  20. Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor’s Version)
  21. You All Over Me (From The Vault) (Featuring Maren Morris)
  22. Mr. Perfectly Fine (From The Vault)
  23. We Were Happy (From The Vault)
  24. That’s When (From The Vault) (Featuring Keith Urban)
  25. Don’t You (From The Vault)
  26. Bye Bye Baby (From the Vault)
  27. Bonus Track: Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Elvira Remix

Just in case you want to try your hand at deciphering the anagrams yourself, here’s Taylor’s teaser:

And the reveal from today:

Up next, Fearless Friday! And perhaps the Enchantress might have another surprise or two lined up.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • April 9th: Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is released. Fearlessly.

(Sources: Taylor Swift. Photo: Taylor Swift)

3 thoughts on “Fearless (Taylor’s Version): The tracklist has been decrypted!

  1. Just curious , do you think Crazier from the Hannah Montana movie will be released with the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) or skipped altogether?
    It’s a good track and a pity if it doesn’t fall into Taylor’s Version re-recordings.
    Since it was tied to a Disney movie do you think you think there’s legal reasons she’s not including it with Fearless (Taylor’s Version)?
    Thanks for your thoughts as I’m certain you’re more tied in them I am.
    Kind Regards,
    One of your most dedicated blog followers !

    1. Hey Dan! Thanks for reading! Given that Taylor did re-release Today Is A Fairytale and that was tied to a movie too, I don’t think it’s a problem for her to re-record it. I’d say it depends more on how much Taylor considers that song should’ve been part of one of her albums. It’s her choice in the end. Thanks for your comments!

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