Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is out now!

Welcome to the Fearless Era, Taylor Nation!

Yes, this is Fearless (Taylor’s Version) a revamp, reboot, recast and rebuild of the original album that arguably catapulted Taylor from the Country scene into the global scene. As much as I want to say something about this gem, we’re giving it time to take it all in. Breathe. Take a deep breath now. Head first. Sorry, I was just talking to myself there for a bit. This. Is. Fearless. And even more significantly, this is Taylor’s own album now, forever and always.

(Credit: Taylor Swift)

If you want to sample everything in the album, Taylor has made lyric videos available of all the tracks in her YouTube VEVO channel. Have a listen to her own playlist below:

Here at the Swift Agency, still just one guy that wears a mask for more than just a fashion statement, we’ll be doing a review after we give the album time to settle in. If you are doubting on whether or not you should get it, let me just say that’s completely up to you. I understand you see no need to get the new version if you already have the original, right…?

I mean, she’s play these songs several times, and you’ve probably heard them several times live too. Think of the years that have passed and how she’s honed her craft and all the music she’s made… I mean, an artist of that caliber going back to revisit the work that first made her iconic with all the new experience she’s accumulated since then, what would she do with that…?

What would she do if she could just play the old classic once more with a full studio production, right? Too bad you’ll never know. Oh well, sorry back to listening! Like I said, you’re probably not missing a thin- Oh wow, sorry! One of her hits just came on and you wouldn’t believe how it sounds! Anyway, like I said, I completely understand you not wanting to hear these new versions or even the songs from the vault at all…

Editor’s Note: In case you missed it, there was a little bit of sarcasm in all that I wrote there.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • April 9th: Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is released. Fearlessly out now.

(Sources: Taylor Swift. Photo: Taylor Swift)