Weekly News Update: NMPA Songwriter Icon Award and CMT Best Family Feature

Hope y’all are having the best day, Swiftie fandom.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who recognizes he’s really, really bad at second-guessing what the Sparkly Dressed is about to do next, we can only report things that have already happened. On a virtual ceremony held on June 9th, The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar accepted the NMPA Songwriter Icon Award and delivered a tribute to some of her most memorable co-writers and producers through the ages. Update: Now, let’s go to the video!

From the legendary Liz Rose, to Max Martin and Shellback, to Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner. They are all icons and masters of their craft in their own right, as well as co-creators of some of the most famous lyrics we know from the Enchantress.

I think any songwriter will tell you when you get an idea, you’re not quite sure where it floated down from, but if you can grab onto that idea and turn it into something, a piece of music, that’s where craftsmanship comes in and that’s where you have the opportunity to learn and to nurture that craft.

– Taylor Swift, accepting the NMPA Songwriter Icon Award. June 9th, 2021.

You can read her entire acceptance speech on Billboard.com. Update: Amazing singer and a songwriting icon herself, Sara Bareilles, payed tribute to Taylor with a performance of “Clean” which you can watch below.

On other news, the CMT Awards aired on June 9th as well. Taylor received Best Family Feature for “The Best Day (Taylor’s Version” direct from Fearless (Taylor’s Version). She shared the accolade with her mom, Andrea Swift.

On other news, Evermore returned to #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart in the week ending on June 3rd and T-Swizzle was thankful as always. Anybody thinking how she’s going to manage a concert with all this music she has now? I think we should be thinking of a weekend music festival at this point.

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  • Summer, and who knows perhaps some music to go along with it? Nope, I have no idea what’s she releasing next. I just know I’ll have some favorite songs on it.

(Sources: NMPA, Billboard, CMT Awards. Photo: Taylor Nation for Taylor Swift)