Big Red Machine’s Renegade, featuring Taylor Swift, is out now

No, it’s not insensitive. Getting it together right now!

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who thinks it’s going to last a very long time, we know you probably need to listen to “Renegade” a few more times before you can recognize when I’m using the lyrics. Taylor Swift collaborated with Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon on more than just the folklore and evermore albums. They also created music for Aaron and Justin’s own project, Big Red Machine which will be featured in their album How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last? to be released August 27. You can get “Renegade” now.

The track which mixes styles from both Taylor and Aaron, feels very much a part of the family of folklore and evermore. It’s melancholic, chaotic and somehow familiar and warm. Definitely something you can listen to in a walk through some woods.

The lyrics, which speak about failed relationships and frustrated broken hearts, seem to yearn for that magical turning point in which the other party finally gets it and pulls their own weight. However, they’ve already make peace with the fact that they won’t get a happy ending. It’s deceptively happy in its rhythm and lyrically tragic in calmly accepting its sad outcome.

The track “Renegade” is now available in most music services.

Also, there’s another track, unreleased, called “Birch” announced as part of the rest of the album that also features Taylor Swift. That sounds interesting.

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  • November 12: Red (Taylor’s Version) is released.

(Sources: Taylor Swift, Big Red Machine, Ingrid Stella Music. Photo: Graham Tolbert, James Reynolds)