Red (Taylor’s Version) is out! All Too Well live on SNL

Live from New York, Taylor Nation.

The Sparkly Dressed took the stage as the musical guest at Saturday Night Live on November 13. You’d think 13 was her favorite number or something, right? It’s not a secret that I count myself in the very large group of fans that want her to repeat double duty as both host and musical guest as she did back in November 7, 2009 (useless trivia: three days later, on November 10, I started this blog). But still, we had the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar doing a live performance of the full version of “All Too Well”. Let’s go to the video!

I love this performance. Taylor’s live versions of her hits always have an extra spark. Is it a sin that I love this more than the actual short film? Perhaps.

Taylor also collaborated in a recorded comedy bit Three Sad Virgins with Pete Davidson where he gets to make fun on three of SNL’s writers. It’s all a joke, the diss track is obviously a parody. Wait for the bridge and you’ll see the Enchantress getting in on it. Too bad there’s no clip of the it…

That little shoulder shuffle Taylor does close to the end of the diss is just too adorable for words. Also, this is a bop… Three sad virgins what, three sad virgins whoa… Okey, I will stop now. Again, this was a SNL comedy bit but I almost want this to be a single. Almost. I’d buy it.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • November 12: Red (Taylor’s Version) is released.
  • November 13: Taylor Swift performs on Saturday Night Live.

(Sources: NBC Saturday Night Live. Photo: NBC Saturday Night Live)