Showcase: The Joker And The Queen

And I know you could fall for a thousand kings, fellow fandomites.

Here at the Swift Agency, just an old guy who’s late to the party but still leaving early to catch the last train, we’re catching up to news that are a week old because… Well, time has become a bit of a black hole to be honest. Turns out on February 10th, we got the remix of Ed Sheeran’s “The Joker and The Queen” featuring The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar complete with a video, so let’s do this.

There are quite a few easter eggs sprinkled throughout the video’s runtime. The video features two young actors Jack Lewis and Ava Ames reprising their roles from all the way back in 2013 when they played the adorable kids in the video for “Everything Has Changed”. I’m not crying, you are crying. The ole’ video clip for nostalgia reasons below:

Taylor’s album Evermore is nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year. The Grammys are re-scheduled for April 3rd, 2022.

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  • April 3rd: Taylor Swift is nominated for Album of the Year.

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