Late News Update: Carolina, Where the Crawdads Sing

Yes, I still think of her, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just an old guy that’s always late to the party and early to call it a night, we’re somewhat reticent to get caught up in celebrity news. Then again, the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar has never been our typical celebrity per se. She’s always a friend of the family, the home town heroine, a local legend that became famous and who you always support from afar. On that note, we do get some new music from her soon.

The Enchantress has a new single, “Carolina”, that will be released as part of the soundtrack of the film “Where the Crawdads Sing”. It’s a film adaptation from the novel of the same name. Taylor confesses herself a fan of the book. The movie premieres July 15 in theatres.

Taylor Swift didn’t attend the Grammys 2022 (and I didn’t cover them, a complete coincidence). She didn’t win her only nomination. I didn’t think that really needed an update, it’s sort of non-news. She released an exclusive vinyl for “The Lakes” for Record Store Day on April 23rd, being named the event’s yearly Global Ambassador.

But to be honest, a lot of news that surround Taylor Swift nowadays only circle at a distance. Some make claims on Taylor herself, but I’m not going to do rumour control unless they get really close. If they get loud, I might have to write up a rant something.

On global news… Things are messy out there. Even if it’s not happening in your part of the world, stay informed and be mindful that a little charity can go a long way. That being said, when news get overwhelming you’re allowed to limit your intake. Take small sips, one hour in the morning and a brief written summary at night is about what I can take right now. Stay healthy. Keep reading 🙂

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(Sources: Taylor Swift via Instagram)