News Update: Dr. Taylor Swift’s NYU commencement speech

Dr. Swift will see you now, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just an old guy who’s used to seeing doctors that are younger than him, we think that being an optimist and trying your hardest are still qualities that should be encouraged. My source has a Doctorate in Fine Arts from the university of New York. The Sparkly Dressed was on hand to receive an honorary degree and deliver a commencement speech to the graduate class of 2022. Yes, we’re going to the video.

This was a frank and honest speech in which Taylor acknowledged she’s fully aware it’s an honorary title and that how she has to live a lot of her life in the public eye. She talked about being lost, about making mistakes, about being ridiculed and mostly about shaking it off and continuing on. It was open, funny, self-detrimental and heartfelt. She did not attempt to give advice but offer some perspective and empathy.

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  • Summer. And perhaps Taylor is already working on something new. Keep your eyes and ears open.

(Sources: Taylor Swift, Global News via YouTube. Photo Credit: Angela Weiss, AFT via Getty Images)