Midnights: Taylor Swift drops a brand new album on October 21st!

You come and pick us up, no headlights…

Still with us Taylor Nation? Here at the Swift Agency, things are a bit dusty. We’re picking this up late, so excuse me why I try to find my way around here. The Sparkly Dressed made a surprise appearance at the VMAs last night to pick up the Video of the Year award for “All Too Well: The Short Film” and casually decided to make an announcement. A brand NEW album drops on October 21st: Midnights.

I have no words. They don’t come easy right now. We’ll have to wait for October. You can pre-order Midnights via this link.

Coming up in the Calendar!

  • Aug 28: Taylor Swift wins Video of the Year at the 2022 MTV VMAs for “All Too Well: The Short Film”.
  • Oct 21: Midnights studio album releases.

(Sources: Taylor Swift, MTV VMAs, Variety. Photo Credit: Taylor Swift)