The 2018 American Music Awards: Taylor Swift wins!

She did something good tonight, Taylor Nation.

The Sparkly Dressed – who I must emphasize was actually Sparkly Dressed tonight – won all her nominations for Artist of the Year, Tour of the Year for reputation, Favorite Female Artist Pop/Rock (awarded before the show) and Favorite Album Pop/Rock at the 2018’s American Music Awards. on October 9, 2018.

The four awards give Taylor a total of 23 awards. She is now the most awarded female artist in the history of the AMAs. She also urged American fans to vote, for which I’m hoping you registered as the last day of registration was today (October 9).

On other news, the Enchantress is also up for three People’s Choice Awards with Female Artist of the Year, Concert Tour of the Year and Social Celebrity of the Year. The show airs Sunday, November 11th.

The reputation Stadium World Tour continues on Perth, Australia on October 19!

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  • October 19: Optus Stadium. Perth, Australia.
  • October 26: Etihad Stadium. Melbourne, Australia.
  • November 2: ANZ Stadium. Sydney Olympic Park, Australia.
  • November 6: The Gabba. Brisbane, Australia.
  • November 9: Mt Smart Stadium. Auckland, New Zealand.

(Sources: Twitter. Featured photo credit: John Shearer via @TaylorNation13)

The 2018 AMAs Swiftlist: What you need to know tonight (and a mini-rant)

This one is going to be interesting, Taylor Nation.

The Sparkly Dressed is up for Artist of the Year, Tour of the Year, Favorite Female Artist Pop/Rock and Favorite Album Pop/Rock for the American Music Awards. The show is live on ABC today Tuesday, October 9th. She’s opening the show with “I Did Something Bad” which I expect will be the tour concert version.

Strategically speaking, it seems wrong to release albums this late in the year. The deadlines to qualify for most awards have passed and it will take a whole year to be featured again. It’s plenty of time to forget the artist and the songs (Hint: I’m obviously building up to something here, be patient and put those hands down).

The exception is Taylor Swift. Fans stick around, songs keep getting played, hardcore fans will want both a digital and physical version of the album. Make it times two if an extended version comes out later. We (no sense hiding myself from this equation) will make those songs grow over time and keep listening to them comparing album versions to live versions. As a matter of fact, Taylor tends to revisit old songs from past albums in new concert tours giving them a new sound and feel. Taylor’s old songs become classics for us.

Taylor has been described as an anomaly (an statement made by Scott Borchetta in an interview during CMA Fest a long time ago). But she’s also an artists which exists in a strange dichotomy (oh goody more dictionary words) she’s both mainstream and indie. Everyone knows who Taylor Swift is. Nobody but her hardcore fans know what she’s really like. Her songs on the radio are pure pop but fans favorite her anthem-like operatic creations, hence the popularity of “All Too Well”. Taylor is popular due to her image in mainstream but endures longevity in the charts thanks to us fans that get to know the deep cuts in her album, her goofs, her inside jokes. Mainstream might never know and perhaps it’s better that way.

The American Music Awards is live on ABC tonight. Check your local listing for exact times. Taylor is opening the show with “I Did Something Bad”. For Canadians, I know the show is going to be broadcast on CTV at 8pm on the East coast. The show might be time-delayed on regions with other timezones.

On other news, the Enchantress is also up for three People’s Choice Awards with Female Artist of the Year, Concert Tour of the Year and Social Celebrity of the Year. The show airs Sunday, November 11th.

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  • October 9: The American Music Awards live on ABC. Taylor Swift is nominated for Artist of the Year, Tour of the Year, Favorite Female Artist Pop/Rock and Favorite Album Pop/Rock.
  • October 19: Optus Stadium. Perth, Australia.
  • October 26: Etihad Stadium. Melbourne, Australia.

(Sources: Twitter. Featured photo via @TaylorNation13)

The rep Tour Indy: Forever and Always

It rains when you’re here and it rains when you’re gone, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s still doing that bit where he’s just a guy but that’s the only bit I know since it’s really just me and the ninjas, we’re getting a little old to do any bits at all. However, anytime that I’ve contemplated retirement the Sparkly Dressed gives us one more thing to write and we can’t just let it go.

Once again, the Swifties broke another attendance record because records (and walls) are things we and the Forever and Always Fearless One are good at breaking. T-Swizzle delighted the crowd in Indianapolis and to top it off, she sang “Forever and Always” as the surprise song in the b-stage.

The Enchantress is up for three American Music Awards nominations: Tour of the Year, Favorite Album Pop/Rock, Favorite Female Artist Pop/Rock and Artist of the Year.

The American Music Awards will be shown live on October 9th, 2018 on ABC. The rep tour continues on September 18 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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  • September 15: Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis, IN.
  • September 18: The Dome at America’s Center. St. Louis, MO.
  • September 22: Mercedes-Benz Superdome. New Orleans, LA.
  • September 29: NRG Stadium. Houston, TX.
  • October 5 & 6: AT&T Stadium. Arlington, TX.

(Sources: Twitter, Instagram. Billboard. Featured photos via @TaylorNation13)

The Delicate Music Video: It’s cool she said all that. Commentary.

Dive bar on the East Side, where you at Taylor Nation?

Taylor Swift won the iHeartradio Music Award for Female Artist of the Year. She not only accepted on the spot via video but of course introduced the music video for “Delicate” herself. I think it was the best choice, this was a very, truly personal video. Even a little too vulnerable for an artist of her stature. See for yourself.

Watch on YouTube

The video starts with a closeup of Taylor’s face, a happy but almost contented one. Then it takes us into a typical Taylor Swift day getting back to a hotel (the Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles) and with a lot of fans waiting outside. She receives a foreboding note that seems to sparkle. Although flanked by her impressive bodyguards, Taylor does take the time to take a quick snap with some young fans. That seems to cost her dearly as a crazed page lunges at her only to be tackled by her security.

At this point, this can’t help but remind me of the lyrics of “Lucky One”, but this is one is actually, specifically about Taylor. As she sits inside the hotel’s massive ladies room, Taylor makes faces in front of the mirror. They’re not dramatic, they’re goofy, they’re unappealing, there’s rather bluntness about Taylor in this video. She’s not playing a role, she’s… It’s Taylor herself. And then, the magical note seems to grant her one thing she has not had in an age.

Taylor becomes invisible to everyone but the camera. No, it’s not a genie, it’s not a wish granted, you can chalk it up to magic or whatever plot contraption you want. It’s not the how that the video focus on.

Taylor dances. It’s not an elegant, artistic, dance. It’s a free style, goofy, nobody’s-watching, completely carefree dance. And although you feel a joyful freedom for her being able to do that, there’s an innermost sadness that seems to be expressed here. It’s like this is Taylor, a prisoner of her image all over again.

(Source: Big Machine)

As she leaves the hotel and into the streets, there’s a bit of a nostalgic image as she’s literally… dancing in the rain in her best dress… An image that took me all the way back to Fearless and made me smile and cry at the same time. Is that what Taylor can never be again, no matter how much she or other people want her to?

For the final scene, she’s soaking wet walking into a bar with everyone staring. She doesn’t really care, she’s just looking for someone. And when she finds that person, her face lights up.

It’s another video directed by Joseph Kahn, who I know has his detractors due to his personal views, but I’m judging solely on his directorial skills here. I respect other people’s opinions and how some have decided not to watch the video, but it’s Taylor choice who she chooses to work with.

For this video there was no male lead, very little special effects, no robots, nothing special regarding casting and a ton of Taylor dancing. Sometimes, it feels like she’s letting herself flow with the music, other times she has a bit more of a choreography. Nevertheless, it seems like a cathartic moment in the real life of the Sparkly Dressed. It makes me just a little worried about her state of mind, but fortunately she has love in her life and that’s all she needs.

Isn’t it?

Bonus! Now you can watch the vertical version of “Delicate” on YouTube below.

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  • May 8: Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour begins in Glendale, AZ.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via VEVO)

Delicate music video drops this Sunday, March 11 at the iHeart Music Awards!

I know it’s delicate, Taylor Nation.

On Sunday, May 11, Taylor Swift will release the video for “Delicate” at the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

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Now I know what you’re thinking… If Taylor’s music video for “Delicate” is going to premiere at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, then surely she must be attending. Correct?

Possibly? It’s really hard to gage. Taylor is nominated for Female Artist, Lyrics for “Look What You Made Me Do” and Music Video for “Look What You Made Me Do”. Plus Swifties (you’ll always be the “Taylor Nation” to me, sorry) are nominated for Fan Army and her cat Olivia is nominated for Cutest Musician’s Pet (Meredith gets no love I tell you). Based of how little she has been in the public’s eye, I don’t believe her chances to win are high.


Plus, between you and me, I think some awards go by the rule “If you attend is because you’ve been told in advance you’ll win” which I like to call my MTV-awards theory. I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen here, but I’m thinking it might. This is all to say I don’t believe she’s going to show up. As usual, I’d love to be wrong about this one.

Plot twist: Meredith shows up to claim the pet prize wearing an Olivia mask.

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  • March 11: iHeart Radio Music Awards including “Delicate” music video release.
  • May 8: Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour begins in Glendale, AZ.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via Instagram)