Fearless 2010-05-21: The Buses

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Waiting by the buses is an added bonus, but it’s a long wait. I got there at noon and there were a few people. The crowd grows larger as the day goes by. You want to go there before the venue decides to put up barriers. Just makes the experience more personal.

Notice that both The Agency (Taylor Swift’s band if you didn’t know) and the dance crew arrive first, put their stuff in and then they come out, if at all. In my case I called their names, and got to meet Amos J. Heller and Grant Mickelson before the barriers were put by the venue. After the barriers Amos came out again with Paul Sidoti and Liz Huett. It’s possible some other members and dancers came out after that but by then the venue was open and I went in.

All the pictures in this section, for better or worse, were taken by me.

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(Source: The Swift Agency)