Beyond The Agency

Former band members, doing their own thing but always remembered. Most of them remain active with the fandom on social media.

Name: Al Wilson

  • Position: Drums
  • Superlative: Class President
  • Twitter: @alsdrum
  • Status: Pursuing other opportunities
  • Tours: Pre-headliner days, Fearless, Speak Now, RED
  • The Original Band Leader

Name: Grant Mickelson

  • Position: Guitarist
  • Superlative: Most Organized
  • Alias: Hair Force One
  • Twitter: @GrantMickelson
  • Status: Pursuing other projects
  • Tours: Pre-headliner days, Fearless, Speak Now, RED

Name: Caitlin Elizabeth Evanson

  • Position: Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
  • Superlative: Best On-Stage Alter Ego
  • Alias: Eunice
  • Twitter: @caitlinbird
  • Status: She sings and plays your songs at Sessions by Cait.
  • Tours: Fearless, Speak Now, RED

Name: Elizabeth Huett

  • Position: Backup Singer
  • Superlative: Class Butterfly
  • Twitter: @elizabethhuett
  • Website:
  • Status: Pursuing other projects
  • Tours: Fearless, Speak Now

Name: Daniel Sadownick


Name: Ben Clark

  • Position: banjo, mandolin, dobro, guitar and piano
  • Twitter: @banjobenclark
  • Status: Pursuing other projects
  • Tours: Pre-headliner days, Fearless
  • Ben came back to replace Mike once during the Fearless Tour.

Name: Emily Poe

  • Position: fiddle
  • Twitter: unknown
  • Status: Pursuing other projects
  • Tours: Pre-headliner days
  • Emily left for a career in law.

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