Agency Profile: Al Wilson

(Source: Ludwig Drums)
(Source: Ludwig Drums)

Name: Al Wilson
Position: Drummer, Band Leader
Superlative: Class President
Twitter: @alsdrum
Tours: Fearless, Speak Now
Status: Pursuing other projects

Al Wilson is the first and the original member of Taylor Swift’s band. He was first selected not only as the drummer, but as the person to put together the band to tour with Taylor. During the first years, the members changed a lot depending on availability but Al remained. He is the original band leader and mentor of The Agency.

He played with Taylor from the start and through the Fearless and Speak Now Tours. He’s currently pursuing other projects but once in a while he gets together with other former band members.

I hope he doesn’t mind I share his birthday is April 11.

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(Source: Ludwig Drums, Organic Drums)

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