Agency Profile: Caitlin Evanson

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Name: Caitlin Elizabeth Evanson
Position: Fiddle Player, Vocals
Superlative: Best On-Stage Alter Ego
Alias: Eunice
Twitter: @caitlinbird

Caitlin was born on February 26, 1979 in Seattle, Washington.  She inherited her natural musical interest from her father who was a music professor. At age four she got a violin and she began to be classically trained eventually leading to studies under renown teachers such as Ivan Galamian (a colleague of Itzhak Perlman) and an assistant concert master position with the local youth symphony. However, Evanson’s musical influences soon took a swift dramatic switch.

“It unleashed a wrath unlike anything I had ever heard before,” recalls Evanson about the first time she heard Pearl Jam’s breaking single “Jeremy” on local rock station 99.9 KISW at age 13. She soon after purchased her first album: Pearl Jam’s debut Ten. Evanson’s new interest quickly advanced after her father purchased her an electric violin and amp for Christmas. By the 10th grade, Evanson was fronting her first band. “We only played in a garage and lasted for around four months,” laughs Evanson recalling antic memories.

After attending punk concerts by bands such as Bad Religion, Seven Year Bitch, and L7 and being bruised by the mosh pits of Seattle’s thriving grunge scene, Evanson’s artistic direction was never the same.

While attending college at Western Washington University in 1999, Evanson joined the all-female folk rock act Late Tuesday. Through performances at local coffee shops, cafes, and clubs the band created a devoted following, encouraging the release of a self-titled album in 2001. Gradually, Evanson’s stylistic focus evolved. Pursuing a solo career was inevitable.

Caitlin is a bonafide artist in her own right, and has been a huge contribution to the band, Taylor Swift’s life and the Fearless tour.  She’s got a passion for birds, she plays violin, guitar and vocals and she has an alter ego-named Eunice.

Yes, we love Caitlin! 🙂

Update: Caitlin Evanson is sitting out the 1989 Tour, but she remains active in music. She’s currently offering her services as a vocalist and musician. If you have a song, she can actually sing it and perform it instrumentally. Check out Sessions by Cait.

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