Agency Profile: Elizabeth Huett


Name: Elizabeth Huett
Position: Singer
Superlative: Class Butterfly
Twitter: @elizabethhuett
Tours: Fearless, Speak Now
Status: Working on her own music

Elizabeth Huett was born on May 27 in Riverside, California.

According to her official bio, Elizabeth was adopted at only three days old into a wonderful and loving family. Raised in Southern California, Liz’s spunky personality and effortless joy opened many doors for her as a child in the entertainment industry, though she always dreamed of being on the music stage.

She met Taylor Swift as the last fan in line at a local festival. She wanted Taylor to hear her sing. They spoke and Taylor gave her some pointers. They also met again when Liz was working on a radio station. Then Liz was part of a reality show called Dance Wars. Taylor came on the show as a performer. They kept meeting every now and then. Finally, Liz auditioned to be Tay’s back up singer for what was to be the Fearless Tour and the rest is history.

Liz’s background vocals are featured on Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” album. Liz can be heard on the songs: Speak Now, Mean, and Superman (Found on the Target Bonus CD).

The beautiful and talented Liz is signed to Warner Chappell Publishing.



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