We’ve gotten to meet several people over the years, such as artists who we met while following Taylor on her many performances and some of the recurring dancers who appeared once on more on tour. Here’s to them and their craft.

This is page is mostly a place holder, there’s really so many people so you’ll forgive if this section remains permanently in construction.

Charity Lynne BaroniName: Charity Lynne Baroni

  • Position:¬†Dancer
  • Aliases: Ariel!
  • Tours:¬†Fearless, Speak Now
  • Twitter:¬†@ChaeLynne
  • Notes:¬†She has music on iTunes

Claire CallawayName: Claire Callaway

  • Position:¬†Dancer
  • Aliases: The Bride
  • Tours:¬†Fearless, Speak Now
  • Twitter:¬†@ClaireCallaway2
  • Notes:¬†Her daughter Lulu appears on a lot of backstage pictures from the Speak Now tour.

Mallary HopeName: Mallary Hope

  • Position:¬†Independent Singer / Songwriter
  • Aliases:¬†The Hopester
  • Tours: She’s not part of Team Swift.
  • Twitter:¬†@MallaryHope
  • Notes: She has switched from Country to Gospel and has new music on iTunes.

Fernando MiroName: Fernando Miro

  • Position:¬†Dancer
  • Aliases: Fer!
  • Tours:¬†Speak Now
  • Twitter:¬†@ferDmenace
  • Notes: He’s the tap dancer on the Speak Now concerts.

lacey_masonName: Lacey Mason

  • Position:¬†Dancer
  • Aliases: Captain of the Fearless Dance Crew
  • Tours:¬†Fearless
  • Twitter:¬†@LaceyMason
  • Notes: She has music on iTunes.

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