Agency Profile: Claire Callaway

(Source: DDO Agency)

Name: Claire Callaway
Position: Dancer
Tours: Fearless, Speak Now
Twitter: @ClaireCallaway2

Claire Callaway is a member of Taylor Swift’s Fearless Dance Crew. She was born in Huntsville, Alabama on December 21, 1987. She has one daughter, Maddie Laine, affectionally known to everyone as Lulu.

She has been with Taylor since the Fearless years. She has appeared on the music videos for Love Story, You Belong With Me, Fearless, Story of Us and  Sparks Fly. She has participated in both the Fearless and the Speak Now World Tour as part of both dance crews. Memorable moment for me would be her appearance as The Bride on the Speak Now live performance. She also appeared as a dancer on the 2001 reboot of the movie Footloose.

She’s often seen with Grant Mickelson.


(Source: DDO Agency)

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