Agency Profile: Lacey Mason

(Source: Lacey Mason/Twitter)
(Source: Lacey Mason/Twitter)

Name: Lacey Mason
Position: Dancer
Tours: Fearless
Twitter: @LaceyMason

Lacey Mason was the captain of Taylor Swift’s Fearless Dance Crew. She was born in December 21 in Jackson, Mississippi. You might recall her from ABC’s Dance Wars show. You might also recall Taylor Swift once performed on that show and had already met another of the dancers, Elizabeth Huett. Lacey would come to join the dancers for the Fearless Tour, while Liz was already on board as Taylor Swift’s backup singer.

According to her bio in ReverbNation, Lacey was a dancer in the feature film “The Marc Pease Experience” where she worked with choreographer Zach Woodlee (Glee choreographer). Lacey was also a choreographer herself for artists 3D and Cali. She has been a performer at The GMA Gospel Showcase 2006 in Tennessee, “The Live In Atlanta” Gospel TV show, and “Dancewar Bruno vs Carrie Ann” on ABC.

She has an LP on iTunes.



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