The rep Tour Nashville: When you think Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

I hope you think of me, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who knew Taylor had to play “Tim McGraw” in Nashville of all places, we didn’t necessarily expect the man himself on stage, nor his talented partner, Faith Hill. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar really went for a blast from the past, but it was the blast that defined the start of her career and in her own words, Nashville taught her everything she needed.

She opted for “Better Man” for her surprise song at the b-stage. She was going to need the big stage to contain all that talent later on.

When the time came, I’m pretty sure more than a few people got nostalgic. She went for the start on the piano, but of course she broke out the handheld mike to sing with Faith Hill. By that time more than a few people were expecting the official Tim McGraw to take the stage.

I’ve always wanted Tim McGraw to barge in the middle of “Tim McGraw” and shout “I hope you think of ME! Cuz that’s my NAME!”

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(Sources: Twitter, Instagram. Billboard. Featured photo via Tim McGraw’s Instagram)

When you think Tim McGraw: 10 years of Taylor Swift’s first ever single.

(Source: Big Machine Records)
(Source: Big Machine Records)

I hope you think your favorite song, Taylor Nation.

It was the first ever song you heard from Taylor Swift. Some fans go further back, before she even had a record deal when she used to play country fairs. I found her much later, during the Fearless Era. But this goes back during the times before she ever headline a concert, in the days before her first album. It was Tim McGraw, a song written by Tay with Liz Rose, that was chosen as the first single, hand-picked by Scott Borchetta. The legend goes (ok, I read it on a magazine) that Taylor played him the song in his office which was going to be part of Taylor’s first studio album. Scott Borchetta heard Tim McGraw, loved it and commented, “that’s your first single.”

Tim McGraw was released back on a day like today, June 19, 2006. It was the first single of Taylor’s first album, titled Taylor Swift which was released on October 24, 2006. From then on, she has continued to release an album every two years.

The sundress-and-boots songstress (a throwback nickname that I just made up) wasn’t sure that for her first single she should begin with a song that name-dropped a famous country singer, but Scott knew the business. Nowadays, I suspect he asks her. The Blondie Who Didn’t Have A Sparkly Guitar Yet (ok, sorry I’m having too much fun with the nicknames) trusted him and the rest is history. I suspect that if it were up to Teen Swizzle (last one, I promise!) she would’ve picked Our Song (otherwise known as the song she’ll always perform from that era if given a choice). Still, Tim McGraw opened many doors for her – including a spot as an opener on quite a few tours.

Big Machine Records was just starting. Another anecdote from that time is how Taylor and her mom had to help put CDs in envelopes to send to TV stations. Not a lot of personnel back then. Taylor did a extended six-month radio tour when most artist do six weeks. The 16-year old had to work a lot more just to be noticed. People that are Taylor’s age were considered for development deals, not albums just yet. She would be the first artist whose audience would be the untapped market of teenage girls that listen to country music. Back then she kept an unheard of internet presence through MySpace and hold meet-and-greets before and after performances that famously last hours. It’s in one of those she famously met a young fan named Elizabeth Huett, but that’s another story 🙂

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(Sources: Big Machine Records)

It’s CMA Week! The Big Machine Label Group knows how to party. Taylor talks to Ellen!

It seems like the perfect time, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who doesn’t ask for a lot, we just want a vlog with a funny video montage of Taylor dancing around. If you want to talk office parties, the Big Machine Label Group after party after the CMA Awards must rock. Taylor Swift celebrated with Tim McGraw who won for Music Video of the Year and Music Event of the Year along with the Princess in Red for “Highway Don’t Care” and Florida Georgia Line, who took Single of the Year for “Cruise” and Vocal Duo of the Year. Also joining in on the festivities were CEO Scott Borchetta and label mates RaeLynn, Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradberry. Neal Portnow, President of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, dropped in for a visit. Take a look yourself.

(Photos: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Big Machine Label Group)

Bonus Clip! Ellen’s team was on the red carpet and managed to bring in Taylor Swift. Here’s the clip.

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  • November 10: The MTV EMA Awards. Taylor Swift is up for Best PopBest Female and Best Live. You can vote here.
  • November 14: The 2013 Billboard Touring Awards take place at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, NY. Taylor Swift’s RED Tour is nominated for the Top Package Award. Taylor is also nominated for the Eventful Fans’ Choice Award.

(Sources:, The Ellen DeGeneres Show via YouTube)

The 47th CMA Awards: Taylor Swift receives the Pinnacle Award

She’s at the top of the list, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s so proud of the Sparkly Dressed right now, we’re just going to let her Taylor have her say first. This is her speech when she received the Pinnacle Award

You know they told me this was going to happen, but you know, I didn’t know there was going to be all of this. And Lennon and Maisy, and the packet – the video. My parents aren’t just crying, they’re actually balling at this point.

(Source: Country Music Is Love via Twitter)
(Source: Country Music Is Love via Twitter)

I remember when I was 16 and I got the first phone call from Scott Borchetta, my label president. He said, ‘can you be on the road in two days to open up for Rascal Flatts?’ And I just started screaming. I said, ‘this has to be a miracle’. He said ‘no it’s not a miracle, Eric Church got fired for playing too long’.

But then I got a call that I was gonna get to go on the road with George Strait who taught me to play the songs your fans want to hear. I got a call from Brad Paisley and I toured with him for 9 months, and I sat on a speaker by the side of the stage and I watched him every single night cause he was funny and I’ll never be that funny, and it makes me sad. Keith Urban, I toured with him and I’m such a huge fan of his music. And Tim and Faith have a style at a level that is the pinnacle I will never reach which is that style that the two of you have.

I just – you guys all got up here and you all did this. And I just know that this had to have taken a lot of people to make this decision to give this to me. So, to the CMA, to whoever made this choice, you’re not only rewarding my hard work and exhaustion. You’re rewarding the hard work and exhaustion of my family, and my label, and anyone who works with me and most of all, the fans – who fill stadiums. I love you. On behalf of all those people, thank you, thank you. I love you! You made me feel so special right now! Thank you!

– Taylor Swift accepting the Pinnacle Award

Thanks to a mess of a dreamer for the original compilation. I’ve edited a bit regarding punctuation, not that it really was wrong. T-Swizzle really said the entire acceptance speech in one breath. I’m just a bit of a grammar nazi.

The Queen of Spark had a ball at the 47th CMA Awards. First she performed an acoustic rendition of “Red” with Alison Krauss, Vince Gill, Sam Bush, Edgar Meyer and Eric Darken backing her up. It was a beautiful version and… oh yeah I got a clip. What, now? Ok, here you go:

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Taylor Swift later on heard a rendition of “You Belong With Me” from Lennon and Maisy. She then received the Pinnacle Award from Rascal Flatts, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. They all had the young songwriter when she was just starting as an opener in their tours. What. Oh yeah, play the clip. Here you go:

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The Enchantress also won two of her six nominations:

  • Musical Event of the Year for ”Highway Don’t Care” with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban
  • Music Video of the Year for ”Highway Don’t Care” with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban

The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar may have lost Entertainer of the Year but it went to the person who undoubtedly deserve it more than anybody else: The King of Country, George Strait, who’s now on her last tour before retirement. George was also one of her mentors who she opened with back when she was starting up.

Bonus! Here’s the Forever and Always Fearless One getting interviewed backstage at the press room. Let’s go to the video!

Watch on YouTube

Thanks to cmntexas and smilesfortaylor for posting!

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  • November 7: Mallary Hope opens for Charlie Daniels at the Municipal Auditorium in Greenville, TX. Click here for ticket information.
  • November 10: You’ll find out soon.
  • November 14: The 2013 Billboard Touring Awards take place at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, NY. Taylor Swift’s RED Tour is nominated for the Top Package Award. Taylor is also nominated for the Eventful Fans’ Choice Award.

(Source: 47th CMA Awards)

CMA Fest 2013: The Princess in Red can’t live without you, Nashville


I bet you got a dead cell phone in your shotgun seat, Taylor Nation

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s been down this road before, we’d like to remind you to never text and drive. You can turn on the radio though.

The nightly concerts are LP Field have always showcased the best of the best of what Country Music has to offer right now. There’s a very interesting trend of pop, rock and even hip hop artists to seek out the collaboration of country’s best to the point of showing up at events such as the nightly concerts. So far we’ve seen the likes of Jason Mraz, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz just to name a few and we might still see more tonight.


The nightly concerts opened Thursday, on June 6, with a very strong lineup that included ACM Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan, the winner of Best Country album Eric Church and the Enchantress herself, Billboard’s Artist of the Year and winner of seven grammy awards, miss Taylor Swift. I’m going to focus on giving you the best of what I saw and liked rather than writing a play by play.

Luke Bryan opened LP Field. I am not sure why he was not one of the closing numbers, but he surely deserved it. The current ACM Entertainer of the Year knows how to put on a show and win the crowd.


It might come as little surprise to you that Taylor Swift was my favorite on June 6. The Blonde With The Sparkly RED Guitar took the stage with Love Story, her most iconic song of all time.

She carefully selected from her repertoire songs from past and present, bringing out Red, Mean, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and… well, what started like a wildcard song – her first ever hit single, Tim McGraw. She barely reached the chorus when she introduced the man himself. Later on, Keith joined in as well.

At this point more than a few of you are going “put the video on already!” so here is Highway Don’t Care:

Watch on YouTube

Thanks to muziccitymuzic for posting! I have my own clip, but unfortunately the sound is not very good. I might post it up later.

Finally, props to the winner of the ACM and CMA Album of the Year, Eric Church. Out came These Boots and Smoke A Little Smoke but he also showcased Chief‘s great tracks I’m Getting Stoned, which he used to open, Keep On, Homeboy and Jack Daniels. There was no Springsteen but that doesn’t mean he didn’t take a great night and made it even greater.


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