The Reputation Stadium Tour

the-rep-stadium-tourThe Reputation Stadium Tour (May 2018 – November 2018)

And in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.

The rep Tour, often named with the word “rep” or “reputation” in lowercase, experimented with a lot of new ideas. The first one was the controversial Ticketmaster Verified Fan system. This prevented a lot of tickets to be sold in masse to scalpers, but forced fans into a system of points and pre-sale categories. It also meant no show would have instant “sold-out” status, which was prompted some overzealous critics to jump the gun and call the rep tour a failure – it wasn’t, not in the long run. Taylor’s Reputation Tour’s numbers are now in and it’s the highest-grossing US tour since Billboard started taking stock.

The tour also reined in the number of shows by playing less but bigger venues. In other words, if Taylor can fill up a stadium let’s do a show that uses the entire space. With all this room to play in, Taylor used a stage that was essentially panel-to-panel screens. Instead of a flat surface for the people in front of the stage, the audience found two panels angled into a corner. This maximized the experience for people looking at the stage from the sides, which is actually the majority of the audience in a stadium. The screen real state extended to the floor and catwalk, expanding the experience to the people watching from above. Taylor also set up two additional stages, literally performing around and among the audience.

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(Source: The Swift Agency)