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Name: Paul Sidoti
Position: Guitarist, Vocals
Superlative: Most Loyal
Twitter: @paulsidoti

Paul Sidoti was born May 13. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of five he started playing guitar. Along the way, he taught himself keyboards, bass and drums. He also took lessons on saxophone through junior high and high school and started singing and playing in his own rock bands at the age of 14.

Shortly thereafter, he began writing and performing his own songs. With the help of his supportive parents, he received his own recording studio setup when he was 17. Writing, recording, producing and playing all instruments on his demos, he put together a 10 song album and moved to Los Angeles after completing his freshman year of college at Ohio State University and Western Michigan University where he majored in Jazz Studies. Upon arriving, he attended the Los Angeles Recording Workshop and earned an honors degree in recording engineering.

He moved to Nashville in the fall of 2000 and upon arriving, quickly met a few major songwriters in town. One being Stephanie Bentley (‘Breathe’ Faith Hill, ‘Concrete Angel’ Martina McBride). They formed a friendship and began writing songs together. An instrumental person in Paul’s career has been singer/songwriter Dickey Lee who introduced him to the staff at Universal Music Publishing where he currently co-writes with various writers.

Before playing with Taylor Swift, Paul has also shared the stage with Eric Carmen, The Raspberries, Bryan White and many others.  As we also know from Taylor’s blogs,  Paul is a huge fan of KISS.

He’s living the rock and roll life 🙂

Paul Sidoti was born on May 13 in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s married to the lovely Ashley White.

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