Writing is what it’s all about! This site started as a blogging experiment and kinda took on a life of its own. Here’s what I write about:

  • Concert Experiences: There are only a few of these, and usually they are Taylor Swift tour concerts. They’ll get long enough to span more than one posts, and they try to take you inside the experience of living out the concert or performance. These are usually the most read articles on this site.
  • News Update: Although technically everything is a news update, sometimes I just have a bunch of small news bites that I just put together in one summary of a post.
  • Editorials:¬†My personal favorites, but also take a long time to write. This is when I give you my opinion on something that’s going on. They can get pretty wordy but I try to keep them above rants. I never do rant.
  • Rants: Ok, I lied I do rant once in a while.
  • Tour Talk: Information about upcoming dates, concerts, tickets, etc. Nowadays it’s called RED Tour Talk.
  • Fearless/Speak Now/Red: Taylor Swift performing in a town, complete with new entries for the¬†Arm Lyrics,¬†Duets¬†or¬†Covers¬†pages.
  • Inside (tour): Same as above, but usually I reveal some specific detail about the concert that feels like a surprise spoiler, which means I precede each of these with a disclaimer.
  • This Just In:¬†Something I just learned, usually a quick post about something that just happen. Very rarely I do one of these.
  • Reviews: Only happens when Taylor puts out a new album or new music of some sort. They’re also lengthy.
  • Corner Reviews:¬†Smaller reviews, usually about a different artists. The reason I don’t go to length on these is because I’m usually not very knowledgeable on the subject.
  • Rumor Control: Not a fan of doing these, to the point that I usually hide them inside another regular post.
  • Showcases: I present another artist that I like and try to give you samples (usually video clips) of their music.
  • Fan Spotlight: I believe I’ve only posted a couple of these. I only do this when I hear about a fan doing something extraordinary for someone else. This is not about the usual fan projects for videos, signs and/or personal missions to meet Taylor. This is about fans doing something generous and nice for other fans.
  • The Cutting Room Floor: Anything that doesn’t fit the above or a draft from the past that I never published and that suddenly becomes relevant or that I want to share.

Why another blog

This is a personal celebrity blog. So far, I have seen no need for an economic sponsorship of any kind. I didn’t start this as a commercial venture because it’s more of writing hobby of mine. At this moment I’d rather be free to write what I like when I can, rather than produce an article on schedule. I tend to like putting my own spin on stories, which is why every reporting here is biased. I know my personal brand of humor is a bit dry, which seems to fit my writing (I think). Yes, I take sides. I’m with the blond with the sparkly guitar who bakes cookies at night and calls it a party.

I love Taylor Swift and The Agency. I found that news articles about Taylor seem to be either lost about the order of events or taking phrases out of context to make up news. You don’t need me to figure it out.¬† But it’s nice to just see it on plain text once in a while. I also like writing a lot.

I’ve tried to bring the actual blog entry more to the foreground. I will provide you with pictures and media as well as long as they pertain to the event (or just a lovely picture of Taylor that I found if there is none) but the story comes to the foreground rather than get lost amidst all the graphic art. As a blog, I feel entitled to give my own little spin to the story, so I will include inside jokes that only Taylor fans would know. Then again, sometimes my humor tends to fall flat as there are inside jokes pertaining to the blog itself.

There are things that I try to report as little as possible though. Gossip, wild speculation, people using Tay’s name to bring attention to a completely unrelated issue (happens a LOT lately), sign-my-petition campaigns. commercial websites, loosely related viral videos, personal agendas, scams, lies, yada yada. I do rumor control once in a while, but for the most part I don’t work without a source.

Note:¬†Just so we’re clear, the friend of the classmate of your cousin who heard someone say it on the phone of somebody else who was riding the same bus than him is not a reliable source.

Also, you might have noticed I never, ever mention the name of a particular person that interrupted Taylor at the VMA’s of 2009. I do that on purpose. I don’t hate him. I just don’t think I need to bring any attention to him on this site. Ok, I may dislike him a little. When I have to refer to him you’ll find I mention him as Mr. Interruptus Vulgaris or some other moniker (nowadays I call him the rapper whose name I forget).

I’m not trying to impersonate Taylor Swift’s agency. Yes, I know the evidence points to the contrary.¬† “The Agency” is an inside name that the members of Taylor Swift’s band use.¬† I named it The Swift Agency because… other disambiguations were taken.

For an introduction to the Agency, please check out The Opening Statement.

About me

I’m just The Editor. What can I say, at the end of day, honey, I’m still a guy. I don’t have a professional writing background. That means I have written a bunch of things but I’ve never received payment for any of it except personal fulfillment. I’m basically someone who likes to write and became a Taylorgeek.

What is the Ninja Department?

The guys from the Ninja Department where once a secret organization of assassins trained to never be seen. Nowadays they are simply never seen, but most of the time I think they hang around the water cooler and tell Ninja jokes. Ok, that’s all made up. They are never around, so if they were real workers they’d be bad. However if they are ninjas and you never see them, then they must be good, right?

To find out more…

You can also read a bit more on every member of the band by reading the Profiles.

You can follow me on Twitter @TheSwiftAgency.¬†You can contact me at theswiftagency at that popular email domain from Google. Sorry I don’t put the obvious email address and link here. It’s just a way to dodge spambots.

This is an independent fan site and is not affiliated with Taylor Swift, or her management. If you’re looking to get in touch with them, I would try the contact form at Big Machine Records.¬†If you have any inquiries regarding copyright, please read the full Disclaimer