The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar

(Photo: Don Arnold/Getty Images Entertainment)

Name: Taylor Swift

  • Position: Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitar
  • Aliases: Taylor of the House Swift, the First of Her Name, The Fearless One, Queen of Glitter and Sparkly Dresses, Princess in Red, Queen of Snakes, No its Becky, Enchantress, T-Swizzle, Tay Sway, Blonde with A Sparkly Guitar Who Might Be Green At The Moment, Mother of Fighting Dragons With You and Supreme Ruler of the Taylor Nation
  • Twitter: @taylorswift13
  • Tours: I think we can safely say all of them.
  • Status: Hyper-active


The Agency

(Source: Facebook)

Here are the profiles of all the members of The Agency. The band’s name came up during the filming of the video for Picture to Burn (March 14, 2008), since all of them dressed up in suits, chucks and dark glasses, pretending to be secret agents. They adopted that look during some live appearances.

The Starlights

(Source: Instagram)

The fearsome foursome not only do background vocals, they also have a choreography for each performance, making them both band members and dancers.

Beyond The Agency

Former band members, doing their own thing but always remembered. Most of them remain active with the fandom on social media.

The Agency on Vogue
(Credit: Mario Testino/Vogue)



And finally, here’s to all the artists that we met once or more through the concerts, performances and tours. These includes some of the dancers from the many dance crews that toured with the Sparkly Dressed.

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