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Super Saturday Night: The Sparkly Dressed lights up the club

February 5, 2017

It was Super Saturday Night indeed, Taylor Nation!



The Blonde With The Sparkly 1989 Microphone took the stage at Club Nomadic in Houston, Texas for Super Saturday Night, February 4 for what could be her only concert of 2017. Or at least, the only concert she’s aware by her own admission.

“By coming to this show tonight you are attending 100% of this year’s tour dates,” she said to the nine thousand people in attendance.



Ruby Rose performed DJ duties before the big show started off. The pre-party was Taylor-ed for Swifties with a variety of snacks named after T-Swizzle’s most famous lyrics. All You Had To Do Was Satay Chicken and I Knew You Were Truffle Waffles were available for purchase. The main act didn’t start until well past eleven. The waiting was a killer, and for the hardcore crowd which surrounded the circular stage, dehydration was a very real struggle.

The Enchantress chose to open with “New Romantics” which she’s done before, and works really well as an opener. Up next would come “22”, “Blank Space”, “I Knew You Were Trouble” (I want to say truffle from now on) and “Style”.

And then she sang an acoustic version of “I Don’t Want To Live Forever”.

Watch on YouTube

Yeah, consider all chill lost at this point if there was any left. However, I was glad to find out she still brought out “You Belong With Me”. She followed that with “This Is What You Came For”. That was followed by another surprise, a first time ever live rendition of “Better Man”.

Watch on YouTube



Get up from the floor, we’re not done yet. “Red”, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “Love Story”, “All Too Well”, “Wildest Dreams”, “Bad Blood”, “Out Of Woods” and “Shake If Off” completed the set list, as if Taylor was making a best hits album.

It almost makes me forgive them for that livestream of a wall of flowers. Makes me wonder if nobody at AT&T actually thought of pointing the camera at, and I know this is going to sound a little crazy but hear me out, the artist known as Taylor Swift we were all wishing we’d be watching that night? I like I said, almost.

I’m glad the night at Club Nomadic had a lot more thought put into it, but impatient little me might have not survived in a club surrounded by people left and right. I am glad for everyone who got to see the Queen of Sparks. I really hope there’s another chance for her this year to perform and, who knows, another album in the works sometime soon?



And now, let the social media flood begin. I’ve had to trim this down as much as possible since the page is already very video-heavy. Sorry about that.

I want to thank, and my apologies because there was a lot of people and this is just in no particular order: @seanmackradio@TSwiftNZ@Enchanted2MeetU@Katie__Slater@belleswift17@SparklyTay13@directvnow@codingswift13, @kayladfrederick, @TaylorNation13, @TaylorSwiftVid@Lyyssaaaa13, @TT4Taylor, @_Jencita_, @ATT, @TSwiftOnTour, @TSwiftLA and @TaySwiftdotcom. Sorry if I forgot anybody.

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I Don’t Wanna Live Forever: The music video drops. The hotel room is trashed.

January 27, 2017

We don’t endorse hotel room mayhem, Taylor Nation 😉

(Source: Universal Studios)

(Source: Universal Studios)

Chill, it’s a joke. I’ve made no secret that I don’t endorse the film Fifty Shades Darker, as you’ve probably already read. The song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by Zayn and Taylor Swift doesn’t really break any new (holy) ground musically. The music video, however – which no doubt was directly influenced by the atmosphere of the film – ended having its own momentum. I was curious what direction (seriously no pun intended) it was going to go.

Zayn plays himself – or a version of himself, arriving at a hotel that has obviously forgot to pay the bill to the electric power company. Fortunately he has the flashes of the paparazzi to guide his way in. By the time he gets into the elevator I half expected him to bring out his cellphone to light the way. And yes, I’m being half sarcastic and half funny because most of the video is in half darkness, but it’s not really a bad video.

Taylor coalesces out of the dark, dressed in lingerie but donning a coat which accomplishes two things that a vampy femme dreams of: she’s both classy and sexy. She hints at the lingerie but never quite takes the coat off all the way. Taylor plays both the seduced and the seductress, keeping an even playing field with Zayn’s brooding. Actually I breathed a sight of relief at that, as I kinda dreaded any power game that would emulate the movie. It’s not that I’m being a prude, it’s just that I’d rather Taylor not take the submissive nor the bitch role. There’s no extended story, it’s just two lovers and some light hotel room trashing. Let’s just go to the video, shall we?

Watch on YouTube

The video is also up for sale on iTunes.

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(Sources: YouTube, Universal studios)

Secrets of TS6: The speculation about Taylor Swift’s sixth album

January 8, 2017
(Original photo: Barlow & Schofield / BMR)

(Original photo: Barlow & Schofield / BMR)

For your eyes only, Taylor Nation.

There’s a common tagline that you find way too often in movies, tv series and even music: “It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.” It rarely delivers. In the case of the Blonde With the Sparkly 1989 Microphone, it’s both true and false. The Sparkly Dressed has been known to deliver a new album with a new style, always evolving towards the next one. That means we’ve come to expect a jump everytime, but at the same time she remains on point towards a certain style in the way she treats each evolutionary stage.

From Taylor Swift to Fearless she jumped into the national stage. Speak Now is one album where I disagree with most critics, it’s severely underestimated. Red was her unofficial transition to pop, but I consider it more of a practice album for what came next. The next album 1989 marked not only a full transition, but a complete reinvention that invigorated her music and an impromptu homage to the 80’s musical style.

And then she took a year off. Yes, we’ve come to expect a new Swifty album every two years, but the streak was broken in 2016. What happens now? Where do we go from here? Nobody knows. Taylor’s not saying a thing.

We know how this one goes, right? When the album enters the last stages of development, Taylor starts putting out clues in social media. They’re never extremely complicated, but we fans tend to overdo it (nooo, really???) and read way too much into every little thing. So without any clues, and knowing already she’s firmly rooted in pop, perhaps we can make a few guesses. These are not meant to be accurate or deductive. I don’t have any insight into Taylor’s current songwriting style. I’m just speculating to pass the time.

Chances are there will be more collaboration with Jack Antonoff. He’s amazingly talented as a performer, a songwriter and a producer and shares the credit of penning some amazing songs with Taylor. I’m not a huge fan of Max Martin and Shellback collabs in general, which have mostly sound geared towards radio play time. It’s not that I dislike cheery songs, it’s that when a song has too many bells and whistles the music tends to get lost. Fortunately, most of the collabs that they’ve done with Taylor do have a message, albeit a short one.

I know a lot of people still wish the Enchantress would go back to her Country music roots. I used to be one of them, but nowadays I will admit I don’t see why she would. Taylor’s career has plotted a course set by one captain: herself. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t taken input from her fans. Taylor knows you want to dance at her concerts, so she’s slowly added some danceable tracks. I expect a few to make it to the new album. I also still expect the lyric-heavy songs that read as stories, which are more traditionally associated with Taylor. After all, she honed her craft in Country music songwriting where storytelling is abundant.

One thing that I believe will change is the notion that each song has a name associated to it. More and more, Taylor’s songs have drawn from a collage of her experience and imagination rather than from one particular relationship which used to be her modus operandi. She has thrown a shoutout now and then to a specific event (a forgotten scarf, a visit to an emergency room after an accident) that throws the fandom and the media into a frenzy. I would rather she kept away from those, but I won’t deny their impact. They’re a surreal songwriting equivalent to clickbait. The other growing trend is that celebration of youth. That dynamic happiness of living with imperfections and all, experimenting and evolving. I don’t know about you, but I say we keep that. 🙂

The hardest thing to speculate on is the album’s theme. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar has always found one subject to envelop her album and gather together the tracks as if they were a bouquet of flowers that go well together. 1989‘s track list orbited the 80’s pop rock feel and style evoking both the style and nostalgia. This album had such excellent results that I’m almost fearful that Taylor will be pushed to recreate it. She shouldn’t. 1989 was a risk, and it payed off. The next album should be another risk, another creative leap of Taylor’s songwriting craft. We expect it to be recognizably Taylor-esque and at the same time, sonically different.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who knows how long the waiting for the new album is going to feel, we know the expectations are high for this one. I know some people are hoping for the lyrics to include a vague reference to a past romance we only saw from the outside. Myself, I just want more great music.

I want to congratulate the people who are going to get to see Taylor Swift on Houston on February 4. Get some pictures and video for the rest of us to enjoy. Just a request, I’m not sending ninjas after you or anything. 😉

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Merry Christmas, Cyrus Porter! This is why Taylor Swift still wins at everything :)

December 27, 2016
(Photo: Robert Frye via Twitter)

(Photo: Robert Frye via Twitter)

Holidays are not always about the big gestures, Taylor Nation.

Sometimes they’re just about the small ones. For example, visiting your grandfather. In the case of World War II veteran Cyrus Porter, the visit can turn into a one in a lifetime event when it’s your grandfather’s musical idol. The 96-year old from New Madrid, Missouri happens to be a Taylor Swift fan. An article for KFVS 12 news started it all.

“Look what she does, she puts on a show no one else puts on,” Cyrus Porter said. “I just liked the way the way she did stuff.” He has attended two concerts with his daughter and two grandchildren. Cyrus was diagnosed with cancer this year. He still intends to make Taylor Swift’s next concert and something tells me there’s a seat already waiting for him. The day after Christmas, he received a visit and an impromptu performance by the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar herself.

“He was excited,” said her daughter, Lynette Fowler. “He was like dancing to the beat, what he thought was the beat of the music, and having a great time with it.”

Update: New full video via Cyrus’ grandson, Chris Porter.

Watch on YouTube

The Forever and Always Fearless One even picked up a guitar and played an acoustic version of “Shake It Off” for the entire gathering. I don’t want to overwhelm you with stuff, so- oh ok, one more video here…

As long as she does one impromptu thing like this for us regular people once a year, I’m happy.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! 🙂

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Happy 27th Birthday, Taylor Swift! Why we still write about the Sparkly Dressed

December 13, 2016

She always had the best day with you, Taylor Nation.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

Happy Birthday, Taylor! For the young singer-songwriter, music is the one thing that has been there for her all the time. For us here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who tries to be honest with you as much as my writing allows it, we could’ve said the same about Taylor – except that the truth is not that simple. For most fans, she’s an idol. Or a big sister. Or their best friend. For me, she’s been more of a muse. I’ve found something to write about her for more than seven years now.

Being a fan has never been a mild walk in the park. It’s been more of a roller coaster ride. I’ve gone from not knowing why I’m doing this to feeling like I have a zillion things to write from one week to another. Feelings can go from zero to a thousand heartbeats, which has been known to happen in the same day if I’m attending a concert. At the same time, she’s grown to a huge superstar to the point that she’s feel as distant as a comet. Then she releases some acoustic performance in a small setting and I’m ready to write again.

She’s gone from independent to becoming mainstream in an uphill climb that is more steep than the media gives her credit for. She’s reinvented herself, and in that transition we fans have learned to adapt. Taylor has had his shortcomings, but she remains the same person inside – and at the same time, a different one. As she herself has said, she will never change but she will never stay the same. She’s recognizable, relatable and sometimes she does shock us all. Approve or disapprove, Taylor is still the one we cheer for, stand in line and wave desperately for/at/with.

So if you indulge me (No? Gonna do it anyway, k?), I’m going to reminisce about that time I got to meet her in person, back in September 21st, 2013. I had just been talking her ear off, as her voice was fragile from her three concert days and fighting a cold. This is after I decided to recite every single nickname I’ve used to refer to her in my blog entries:

She giggles at “the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar”. Then she goes “Oh my God” in the most adorable way possible.

Taylor is then thanking me – which doesn’t really make a lick of sense – for what I do. And she loves that I love to do it (in case you’ve never visited this site before, what I do is write). Let’s make this clear. International music artist Taylor Swift thanking me only makes sense in bizarro world. I make sure I thank her.

 Excerpt from Behind the red curtain: Meeting Taylor Swift

You’ll probably notice that as usual, I blur the timeline a little bit as I tend to do whenever I’m describing a concert experience. I start writing in the past and switch to the present tense. It’s a cheap magic trick to take you to live that moment. It’s not a typo. I tend to relive things when I write about them.

And now, the cake… Damn ninjas again! Get back here! Every year… 😛

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