The rep tour in Denver, CO! A Commentary on the Rule.

She’s really bringing it on, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who really thinks this adulting thing is overhyped, we’re glad to hear stories about all the fans who have met the Blonde With The Green Gui- Wait, the guitar is green now? Guess some things will change. Don’t worry, I’m sure the Sparkly Guitar is around somewhere.

The Sparkly Dressed took the stage at Sports Authority Field at Mile High to a roaring 58,000 voices for her first stadium show in Denver, Colorado on May 25th. The secret/surprise song was “Teardrops On My Guitar” which probably had the old school fans (that sorta includes me) shedding some tears of their own. Also, Camila is back on the rep tour and joining Taylor and Charli XCX for the “Shake It Off” performance.

Anyhow, I’d like to talk about the meeting Taylor thing. I know this will be the ultimate goal of every Taylor fan. I know that’s what most of you want. And I know that I can’t really tell you to chill about it since I myself are now in that short list of people who have met the Songstress. That being said, meeting T-Swizzle is a one in a million chance, even with concert tickets and the most imaginative costume you can imagine.

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Even in the early days, everyone wanted a chance to meet the Enchantress. Back when she would do local county fairs, she would stay behind and meet everyone she could. This was probably annoying to the roadies that were trying to pack up. Once she hit headliner status, The Fearless Tour had the regular Meets & Greets before the show and a new backstage area called the T-Room. Taylor has tried to devise new ways to meeting you and being close to you (case and point, she has ridden all sorts of contraptions to be close to the crowd) but it’s literally an impossible battle. She has way too many fans.

And so, came The Rule To Rule Them All. It’s not a registry, it’s not a law, it’s just a question that you will get asked if you are a nominee for meeting Taylor: Have you met Taylor before? If you ever get asked this question, there’s a good chance you’re going to scream your head off. The idea of The Rule is simple: if you have met Taylor before, please be truthful so we can give the chance to other people.

It’s obviously not an airtight rule nor is it perfect even when it works. There’s cases of very young fans that met Taylor when they were battling a crippling disease. Some of them have come out the other side and survived. They should really have a chance to meet her again. But it’s really hard to make a system when the proportion of fans to one Taylor Swift is of 85 millions (last follower count on Twitter) to one (lemme check again… Yep only one Taylor). It’s an uphill battle as more and more join the ranks every day. Personally, I cut them some slack. Just the fact that they put up with us is a lot already.

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Still, I admire the fans that go the distance to have a particular fan meet T. Let me be clear, meeting Taylor is not a commodity for sale – it’s a coincidence. I don’t believe meeting an artist is something you earn, but I get the fandom’s perception of merit. It does warm my heart to see a fan truly emotionally stirred knowing they are going to meet their favorite stars. By the same token, I do understand the heartbreak when they miss the opportunity. Fairness, however, is not in the picture. Opportunity, hopefully, is. May the odds be forever in your favor.

  • May 27: Taylor headlines BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, Wales.
  • June 1& 2: Soldier Field. Chicago, IL.
  • June 8: Etihad Stadium. Manchester, United Kingdom
  • June 15: Croke Park. Dublin, Ireland.
  • June 22: Wembley Stadium. London, United Kingdom.
  • June 30: Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Louisville, KY.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via Instagram. Featured Image: Taylor Nation via Twitter)

The rep tour in Seattle, WA: Holy Ground

The news of her death were greatly exagerated, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who once in a while feels like being petty, we have to exercise great self-restraint not to call out certain articles. Although I don’t like when people call things wrong, it doesn’t feel right to call out professional news reporters even when they were too quick to judge.

Instead, for an example of great accurate reporting, try Los Angeles Magazine. They did an amazing review, casually mentioning a few news article who were too hasty in predicting a downfall. The rep tour, they accurately report, “isn’t a disaster – it’s a victory lap.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s a recommended read.

On May 22, the CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington once again prove the rep tour is not dead at all. The Seattle Times does give her props, albeit they believe her voice was lost amidst the production. They do credit her for the final result. I quote: “Swift gave a master class in how to cap a stadium gig with what was refreshingly more of a knockout finale than applause-hungry encore (though cheer they did).”

The secret song was “Holy Ground” from T’s Red Album.

The Sparkly Dressed also had to one less ally last night as Camila Cabello had to sit this one out due to be dehydrated. Not surprising given her stanning moments and her performance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 20. Both Taylor and opening act Charli XCX made sure that the crowd knew Camila was missed. They had to perform “Shake It Off” without her.

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  • May 25: Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Denver, CO.
  • May 27: Taylor headlines BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, Wales.
  • June 1& 2: Soldier Field. Chicago, IL.

(Sources: Los Angeles Magazine, Seattle Times. Featured Photo: CenturyLink Field via Twitter)

The 2018 Billboard Music Awards: Taylor Swift returns!

She’s back in the award circle, Taylor Nation.

The Blonde With The Sparkly Snake Microphone broke the award hiatus and attended the 2018 Billboard Music Awards last night, May 20.  She was there to have fun. She was there to dance. And as it turns out, she was also there to win Top Female Artist and Top Selling Album for reputation. What a comeback!

Too bad there wasn’t time for a performance. I wouldn’t mind seeing break some of the concealed hits from reputation that are not singles yet. A little “I Did Something Bad” or “Don’t Blame Me” would have made it so much sweeter. That being said, it was a great night for some award winning! She started with Top Female Artist.

That would’ve made the night already a comeback, but then she follows it up with Top Selling Album. If this is not slaying, then someone tell me what is!

And then there’s the shouting- I mean, the media press room backstage. Oh boy. This I bet wasn’t missed. She still smiled like a trooper through the whole thing.

I gotta give props to Camila for stealing the show, first stanning the heck out of Taylor from the sidelines as well as for her performance and winning the Billboard Chart Achievement Award.

Here’s Taylor first win and speech via The River. This is when she transitioned from “last minute guest” to “comeback as winner” 😉

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  • May 22: CenturyLink Field. Seattle, WA.
  • May 25: Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Denver, CO.
  • May 27: Taylor headlines BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, Wales.

(Sources: Billboard Music Awards, Billboard and 1075 The River via Twitter. Featured photo: MTV via Twitter)

The rep tour in Pasadena, CA: Secret songs and special guests!

We march to the beat of our own drum, Taylor Nation.

There is always something extra about going to a Taylor Swift concert in California. The Sparkly Dressed played the Rose Bowl for the first time, with 60K people attending. I know for a lot of fans, this means celebs in attendance. I’ve always tried to downplay celeb worship (or “star power” if you prefer) because fame doesn’t equal talent and neither equals wisdom. That’s why I was a bit iffy on the whole 1989 tour thing during “Style” where T would bring out a star parade (for the record I still love the song). I prefer when the talent actually performs on stage.

On Friday, May 18, Taylor brought back another secret (or surprise) song with “Red”. In my range of favorites, it doesn’t rank too high or too low. It’s mostly a mid-tier song with a some good lines but it’s really a Red Era track. Good memories, but it doesn’t need to stay in the setlist (and now I have Stay stuck in my head. So it goes. Oh, now it’s that one).

Taylor also brought out a special guest and former tour opener, Shawn Mendez. They took to the stage together for “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”.

Saturday night, May 19, brought along several surprises. “All Too Well” was the secret song, deservedly so.

Taylor also welcomed to the stage two special guests. Troye Sivan took the stage to sing “My, My, My” with the songstress.

She also brought out BFF Selena Gomez who joined Taylor to perform her hit “Hands To Myself”.

I mean, I could but why would I want to? @selenagomez

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Selena also took the moment to embarrass her friend with a thank you speech.

I have to say thank you to my best friend of 12 years, almost 13. And the reason why she’s been one of my best friends is because this person has never ever judged a single decision I’ve made. She’s always met me where I’ve been, she’s encouraged me when I have had nothing to be encouraged about and I don’t know if I’d be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you and your family because you’ve changed my life.

And… She’s going to kill me after… But honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting someone who I know is the most beautiful, strong and independent woman I’ve ever met. So thank you, as her best friend.

Selena Gomez at the Rose Bowl during the rep tour concert. May 19, 2018.

Yes, some might say that was rehearsed and I’m falling the trap of celeb worship regardless. I found it nice that two people can remain friends like that.

Also, one bonus tweet+pic from Chris Willman from the Friday show. Love this one.

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  • May 22: CenturyLink Field. Seattle, WA.
  • May 25: Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Denver, CO.
  • May 27: Taylor headlines BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, Wales.

(Sources: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Featured Photo: Christopher Polk for Getty Entertainment)

The rep tour in Santa Clara, CA: The reviews are in!

There are things that will remain the same, Taylor Nation.

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T-Swizzle has started received glowing reviews for her rep tour concert opening on May 8 in Glendale, AZ. Rolling Stone‘s review said “No pop star goes to such absurd extremes to avoid repeating herself, even when repeating herself would be more than good enough.”

It’s also getting some five-star reviews for her rep tour concerts for May 11 and 12 in Santa Clara, CA. The Mercury News reported that Taylor, “definitely lived up to even the loftiest expectations, delivering what was pretty much a perfect pop spectacle”. However, they do think “She harbors a grudge like nobody’s business”. It’s still a great review and you can read the original article here.

The San Francisco Chronicle though she “emerged ready for battle” and “she no longer wants to shake it off – she wants to smash it up” which I think might be reading way too much into it. They also got way too much in the celeb-feuds but I guess some people enjoy that. You can read the original article here.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who doesn’t think Taylor fights personal demons every night, we believe the songs might have been inspired from certain feelings at the time of crafting but have gained a different life of their own. In other words, I don’t think Taylor is reliving her past every time she sings “Love Story” or her heart is breaking up every time she sings “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. The inspiration was a memory, the song itself is not a play by play of the event.

Back in the day, “Taylor Swift” (the album) and “Fearless” were a lot more autobiographical. She’s lessened the catharsis of using songs to get over a breakup and just use her experiences from the past into her songwriting. Songs are no longer individually nor uniquely correlated to one relationship. I think that is also the reason she stopped putting the hidden messages into songs. I we could all forget trying to find the scandal and listen to the song we might enjoy it more.

The setlist has gone through a few changes. I’m now counting “Style” along with “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” as one performance. “Call It What You Want” which was mid set is now before the ending number. I don’t have “All Too Well” being played on Friday but it seems that it was the secret song as “The Best Day” was played on Sunday. I’m just glad that “Long Live / New Year’s Day” is going to remain in the roster.

On news that everyone already knew, the secret song is a thing again and “The Best Day” was dedicated by Taylor to her mom for the concert on Saturday.

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  • May 11 & 12: Levi’s Stadium. Santa Clara, CA.
  • May 18 & 19: Rose Bowl. Pasadena, CA.
  • May 22: CenturyLink Field. Seattle, WA.
  • May 25: Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Denver, CO.
  • May 27: Taylor headlines BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, Wales.

(Sources: Rolling StoneMercury NewsSan Francisco Chronicle, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)