Taylor Swift at the 65th GRAMMY Awards

We’re singing in the car, Taylor Nation.

The 65th GRAMMY Awards were Sunday night, February 5th. Attending the ceremony was the Midnight Songstress herself, Taylor Swift, recipient of Best Music Video for All Too Well: The Short Film. Unfortunately this award was not broadcasted with the main ceremony and was accepted by Saul Germaine, her video producer. Taylor Swift was the director of the video.

The Enchantress did attend the main ceremony wearing a dress that does evoke the theme of Midnights.

Honestly though, award or not I did hope for Taylor to give us a hint on what is she releasing this year. Somehow you gotta hope for a new Taylor’s Version of one of her classic albums will have its turn. That would have been just icing on the cake. She doesn’t go home empty handed, but the 13th GRAMMY being for “All Too Well” would have been a nice bow.

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  • Feb 5: The 65th GRAMMY Awards. Taylor Swift wins Best Music Video for All Too Well: The Short Film.

(Sources: CBS, GRAMMY.com)