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The Agency

Here are the profiles of all the members of The Agency. The band’s name came up during the filming of the video for Picture to Burn, since all of them dressed up in suits, chucks and dark glasses, pretending to be secret agents. They adopted that look briefly during some appearances.

Name: Taylor Swift

  • Position: Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitar
  • Aliases: The Sparkly Dressed, Princess in Red, etc :)
  • Twitter: @taylorswift13
  • Status: On the Red Tour

Name: Grant Mickelson

  • Position: Guitarist
  • Superlative: Most Organized
  • Alias: Hair Force One
  • Twitter: @GrantMickelson
  • Status: On the Red Tour

Name: Amos J. Heller

  • Position: Bass Player Extraordinaire
  • Superlative: Class Clown
  • Twitter:@amosjheller
  • Status: On the Red Tour

Name: Caitlin Elizabeth Evanson

  • Position: Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
  • Superlative: Best On-Stage Alter Ego
  • Alias: Eunice
  • Twitter: @caitlinbird
  • Website:
  • Status: On the Red Tour

Name: Paul Sidoti

Name: Michael Meadows

  • Position: Guitar, Banjo, Keyboards, etc.
  • Superlative: Most sincere, most sarcastic.
  • Twitter: @smalltownmike
  • Status: On the Red Tour

Name: David Cook

Matt BillingsleaName: Matt Billingslea

  • Position: Drummer
  • Twitter: @mattbillingslea
  • Status: On the Red Tour
  • New member since 2013

Name: Al Wilson

  • Position: Drums
  • Superlative: Class President
  • Twitter: @alsdrum
  • Status: Pursuing other opportunities
  • Original Band Leader

Name: Elizabeth Huett

Name: Daniel Sadownick

Name: Ben Clark

  • Position: banjo, mandolin, dobro, guitar and piano
  • Twitter: @banjobenclark
  • Status: Pursuing other projects
  • Ben came back to replace Mike during the Fearless Tour.

Name: Emily Poe

  • Position: fiddle
  • Twitter: unknown
  • Status: Pursuing other projects
  • Emily left for a career in law.

To find out why they are called The Agency you can read our Opening Statement.

The Starlights

The fearsome foursome not only do background vocals, they also have a choreography for each performance, making them both band members and dancers.

Name: Clare Turton

  • Position: Backup Singer
  • Twitter: unknown
  • Status: Active
  • First appeared on the 2012 MTV VMAs

Name: Kamilah Marshall

  • Position: Backup Singer
  • Twitter: @kamilahmarshall
  • Status: Active
  • First appeared on the 2012 MTV VMAs

Name: Melanie Nyema

  • Position: Backup Singer
  • Twitter: @melanienyema
  • Status: Active
  • First appeared on the 2012 MTV VMAs

Name: Eliotte Nicole

  • Position: Backup Singer
  • Twitter: @ElleBelle37
  • Status: Active
  • First appeared on the European promo mini-tour (early 2013)

Name: Carly Thomas Smith

  • Position: Backup Singer
  • Twitter: @Carly1277
  • Status: Pursuing other opportunities
  • Joined for the 2012 MTV VMA performance.

The Dance Crew

Contrary to The Agency, the Dance Crew is assembled for the tour and disbanded later. During the Speak Now Tour, the dancers called themselves The Residents. The RED Tour dancers don’t have an official name, although I’ve heard “the RED Troupe” a couple of times in Twitter. Not everyone here has a profile yet, so for now it points to their Twitter or Facebook page.

The RED Tour Dancers (2013-)

The  Residents from the Speak Now World Tour (2011-2012)

The Fearless Tour Dancers (2009-2010)

Mallary Hope

Mallary has no particular connection to The Agency. However, since she is an incredible country artist and my friend, she gets an Agency Profile. Complaints can be sent to the Ninja Department.

Name: Mallary Hope

  • Position: Singer / Songwriter / Guitar
  • Twitter: @MallaryHope
  • Website:
  • Alias: The Hopester, the Songstress from Cohutta

To find more about the blog itself, please read the About page.



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