Agency Profile: Emily Poe

(Credit: Brian Tipton)

Name: Emily Poe
Position: fiddle

Emily Poe was the fiddle player on Taylor’s band a long time before it was called The Agency. If you see videos of Taylor at the CMA Fest on 2007, or the old Studio 330 sessions, or even Taylor’s first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, all those were with Emily.

Emily is a Belmont University Graduate traveled and performed with The One Who Would Be Fearless for two years before she made a career change and chose to go to the University of Tennessee Law School.

Lately, back in February 2011, she spoke to the students of the Maryville Intermediate School Orchestra and shared her experience touring with Taylor. You can read the article on Blount Today.

This is a video blog that Taylor dedicated to Emily when she left the band:

It is widely believed that the song Breathe from the Fearless album was actually written for Emily. Whether that’s true or not, Taylor has never confirmed it. The song’s hidden message is “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry”.

(Source: Blount Today)

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